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A fitbit for weight loss: how to choose, comparison of models 2016-2017

Sometimes is so difficult to control physical activity, diet and common condition that women and men are ready once and for all to end the sport. And it is self-discipline and willpower are key parts of keeping yourself in shape. To alleviate in some way the control of the physical condition, was invented by a fitness bracelet.

A fitbit for weight loss: how to choose, comparison of models 2016-2017

Fitness wristbands – overview of gadgets

Perhaps we should start with the cheapest devices. For several years, the market for such products grew rapidly, owing to what on the shelves it is possible to see fitness trackers as for 10,000 rubles, and 1000 When it is worth noting that cheap is not low quality, but the functionality is almost identical items at a more significant price.

Fitness bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band

the first prize is a bracelet from Xiaomi, as it has great functionality, simple design and low cost. The price of this device is around 14-15 dollars. Of the features I especially want to highlight smart alarm clock according to phases of the dream that wakes within a certain time interval in the time and the heart rate sensor, which allows not to be distracted by counting the pulse during a workout.Fitness tracker for weight loss: how to choose, comparison of models 2016-2017

to use the Xiaomi Mi Band to your phone you need to download a special application. The program is available both for Android and for iOS. There is also support for Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

the Bracelet is made of quality rubber, has a battery 45мАч (running for more than a fortnight without recharging). Various information of the user produced by the method of led display. As you might guess, the screen no.

Considering all the features and capabilities you beforehand to say this is the best fitness bracelet 2016-2017. Current model: Mi Band v2.0 (about 800 rubles), Mi Band 2 (OLED) (the model has a good screen, but the price is a little more than 2000 rubles), and Mi Band 1S (about 900 rubles).

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Meizu fitness bracelet

the Company Meizu has achieved incredible success in the manufacture of phones, but to release fitness trackers start recently. The first products were submitted in December 2016. A cheaper model – Meizu Bond 2P – will cost you somewhere in the area of the 1300 If you order directly from China, the price will be much lower. The design is a bit like the Mi Band, capsule(casing and all the electronics) is made of plastic.Fitness tracker for weight loss: how to choose, comparison of models 2016-2017

If you need a more reliable material then you should look at Meizu 2S, in which the capsule is made from aircraft aluminum. Price of the device a little less than 2000

Main features are as follows:

  • sync with smartphones via Bluetooth
  • monitoring of physical activity
  • up to 40 days of battery life,
  • pedometer
  • extremely light weight – 11 grams
  • vibrate for notification of call or SMS.

Meizu also has a fitness bracelet with heart rate monitor – Bond 2P HR. 2P it is a bit expensive, but cheaper than 2S.

Variation in colours – blue, green, white, orange, red, blue, and black.

the Official app is released for Android and iOS. Support for other systems not yet provided. Download link How to care for flower pots?.

the advantages of devices Meizu compared to Xiaomi:

  • heart rate measurement every 2 minutes, for three hours, and Mi Band – for the treatment
  • the ability to track the phases of sleep is less than in interval 30 minutes
  • there is a search feature tracker
  • a detailed report regarding the received data,
  • lack of physical activity.

Also note the versatility of the strap that allows to wear the bracelet on the arm of almost any size.

Jawbone UP Move

Fitness tracker for weight loss: how to choose, comparison of models 2016-2017For production is used aluminium and silicone. The bracelet can count steps, distance and calories. The main difference between the device – about six months of battery life. For lovers of eccentricity has different colors.

Display is missing, but there are as many as 14 indicators. Single color led shows the hour the other the minutes.

Of the minuses is possible to allocate weight, it is 25 g, while presented above trackers do not exceed 15 grams.

the Average price – 3500

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Misfit Shine

Fitness tracker for weight loss: how to choose, comparison of models 2016-2017the Main feature of this bracelet can be worn both on hand and on clothes, unfastened the clip and attach it, for example, on a jacket. In addition, in a chain of transformation of the product into a pendant.

the Body is made of aluminum, which, in addition to the chips and sensors, is battery-pill. It will have systematically replaced with new every few months.

Also worth mentioning is water resistant, which is very important for swimmers.

Weight – 25 grams, function: pedometer, count the distance and calories. Released apps for Android and iOS. Unfortunately, the gadget has vibration and how does it clock. The price of the product reaches 3500

Sony Smartband SWR10

Fitness tracker for weight loss: how to choose, comparison of models 2016-2017the Value of this gadget is around 5000 device does not have a screen, but there are LEDs. Material – plastic, that can be attributed to negative for the given price. Also not happy with the battery that you have to charge every 5 days. It is worth considering that the use of the device can only Android, as the app SmartBand for iOS.

the Sony Smartband SWR10 Features: counting steps, distance traveled and calories, alarm clock according to phases of sleep, notifications about calls and messages, removable straps.

Acer Liquid Leap is Active

Fitness tracker for weight loss: how to choose, comparison of models 2016-2017a Distinctive feature of the gadget – a small OLED screen with a diagonal of 1 inch. The fitness bracelet is made of plastic, while the strap is rubber, there is a protection IP4x (from water).

Use the gadget virtually all smartphone users as a branded app is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

the built-in battery Capacity is 70 mAh, this value is sufficient for 5 days of work. Additionally worth noting is the support of NFC and a separate cradle is available for charging.

Functions: pedometer, sleep monitoring, managing player phone call notification and SMS. In addition, users will appreciate the weight is 18 grams. Today the price is about 4500₽. Minus – fitness tracker available in a small number of stores.

Huawei Honor Band

Fitness tracker for weight loss: how to choose, comparison of models 2016-2017This fitness tracker is already a top-end devices with the appropriate characteristics. Strap the gadget is made of silicone, the screen has a protective glass and an aluminum bezel. The device is not afraid of no water, no dust, as there is protection to the IP68 standard.

a Small screen is made by technology OLED, the battery is 70 mAh. Thus, to charge the bracelet will have a couple of times a week.

Functions: pedometer, count the distance and calories, smart alarm, notifications about calls and SMS.

Negative – weight as much as 40 grams. Also not happy with the price in the region of 6000₽.

Sony SmartBand Talk SWR30

Fitness tracker for weight loss: how to choose, comparison of models 2016-2017Another tracker from Sony, but more advanced. Take only protected to IP68 standard against dust and moisture. There is also a screen of 1.4 inches with a resolution of 296 by 128 pixels.

Battery standard – 70мАч. He is able to survive without recharging for about three days.

of the interfaces, in addition to Bluetooth and a microUSB socket for charging is NFC. Also, the device has a wide range of functions: heart rate monitor, pedometer, count the distance and calories, alarm clock according to phases of sleep, call alerts and SMS. Pleased with the weight, which equals 24 grams. Compatible only with Android.

the Price of a fitness bracelet with heart rate monitor is a bit less than 8000

Jawbone UP2

Fitness tracker for weight loss: how to choose, comparison of models 2016-2017materials of the device reward: anodized aluminum and high-quality silicone. The system is protected against splashing water. It is worth to highlight the entire screen, instead of the indicators. However, thanks to the built-in battery, 38 mAh battery is able to hold about a week offline.

the App is released for two popular operating systems: Android and iOS.

Functions: pedometer, counting overcome distance and calorie, clock, control and analysis of the sleep diary for tracking meals, various notifications about calls and messages.

the Weight is 25 grams and the price varies in the region of 5-6 thousand.

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Jawbone UP3

Fitness tracker for weight loss: how to choose, comparison of models 2016-2017This gadget in many ways similar to the Jawbone UP2, but there are some differences. First, this fitness bracelet with heart rate monitor. Second, the price it for 5000 rubles more, which is almost 10,000 a long way. And thirdly, little weight, which is decreased by 4 gram (became 21 g, and 25).

Fitness-bracelet – instructions

Because of these devices, there are a great many. However, the General principle is identical.

Any device consists of a strap and some capsules, which can have absolutely any form. Hardware – based trackers, an accelerometer. This term includes a sensor that detects movement. The functionality depends on the number of integrated sensors.

to begin using the gadget, you should synchronize with a smartphone via Bluetooth. Don't forget to install the app, a link to which can be found either in the instructions to your tracker (often need to scan the QR code to go to the download page), or visit the official website of the manufacturer and find the appropriate section.

Fitness tracker for weight loss: how to choose, comparison of models 2016-2017

Many are puzzled what to choose – a smart watch or fitness bracelet. Here is a start personally from your use. If you need some one function, and you do not intend to make frequent use of the device, it is better to buy a watch, because they are more functional (allows to make many actions and give a certain solidity). But hours are not always convenient to run and to perform various work (does not allow weight), and sleep. That is why if you plan to use the purchase 24 hours a day, then take only a fitness bracelet.