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As regular ice can replace the kit

As it turned out, regular ice can have quite an unusual application. Frozen water is not only able to quench all the pain but also rejuvenate you. More about all this in today's material.

As regular ice can replace the kit

Quenching pain, headache, dental

you Must lie on your stomach and on the cervical vertebrae to put a bit of ice, then wrap the neck with a towel. Stay in such position for at least twenty minutes, at the end of time you will notice how easier.

the peculiarity of the procedure lies in the fact that the neck of the centers responsible for the the flow of blood and breathing. Thus, ice can help with PMS, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, pain in head and teeth, problems with the respiratory system and aching joints.

Apply ice every few days, preferably before bedtime or in the morning before eating.

Masked the taste of those or other pills/drugs

To a child without the vagaries adopted tasteless medicine, give him a small piece of ice. Frozen water will dull the work of the taste recipes, so the taste of the medicine will not be so pronounced.

How regular ice can replace kit

Painlessly remove a splinter

Some anesthesia in case of contact with fragments or splinters in the skin can serve as ice. Before you start poking around with a needle in the area of damage, wipe the spot with ice. The pain will not be so obvious.



it so Happens that very red skin is because of a stimulus. To immediately bring the skin to a healthy appearance, just wipe it with a piece of ice. After a few minutes it will pass.

Maintain youth longer

the Ice has means to delay the appearance of wrinkles. You should regularly (mornings or evenings) to wipe an ice cube over the face and neck. Frozen water is perfectly tones, rejuvenates and moisturizes.