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Black detox water: effect on the body

Black detox water— a new tool for weight loss and cleansing, which slowly captures the shelves of ordinary stores and pages of online stores. What's different about this water, except the exorbitant price? Let's find out.

Black detox water: effect on the body

Why is the water black?

according to the manufacturer"COSMOS by NATURALITY", the liquid enriched in humic complex, which determines an unusual color composition. The complex includes humic acids, which are formed in the soil after the disintegration of dead plants and other organic substances. These acids contain many vitamins and minerals (about seventy). In the end, the humic complex improves the functioning of all body systems.

That's just not the fact that the manufacturer really enriches your product so many beneficial compounds, not just water stains black.

water States that the fluid pump from the well to a depth of half a kilometer. At this depth an artesian water rich in calcium and magnesium, has a high pH (8,2). Such a pH prevents the acidification of the body.

what is unique about black detox water?

Water has the following properties, according to the manufacturer:

  • reduces the level of acidification of the body due to the high pH
  • enriches the body with electrolytes that are washed out with the sweat. The electrolytes include potassium, sodium and calcium
  • contributes to the accumulation of filth (although scientists have not proved that the products can remove toxins and wastes),
  • antioxidant properties
  • nourishes the body with minerals, amino acids, natural detoxifiers and adaptogens.

Black detox water: effect on the organism

Composition and side effects

the package lists only two ingredients: artesian water, and mineral complex humic acids. Contraindications do not, which is very strange. Side effects are even harmless children's vitamins, and then fully secure the...

a Surplus of vitamins and minerals in the body doctors is equated with poisoning. Black detox water allegedly contains seventy useful substances, so with the constant use of hypervitaminosis provided if, of course, the presence of vitamins are not invented by marketers.

Symptoms of hypervitaminosis:

  • headaches
  • weakness,
  • nausea
  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract,
  • dizziness,
  • chills and shaking,
  • the appearance of edema.

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Reviews about black detox Vodacom

the Black water for cleansing time to try out a large number of Russians (in Ukraine and other countries of the “boom” on the liquid is not). People celebrate the unusual plot of taste (some even compared it to the taste of fertilizer for houseplants). The taste of the water the usual, that is neutral.

the Main advantages that have contributed buyers:

  • attractive appearance
  • pleasant taste (although some claim otherwise, everything here is subjective),
  • use (people after regular use black detox water began to feel better. Can, placebo effect?),
  • helps to cope with constipation,
  • sold even in pharmacies, however, not all.

Black detox water: effect on the organism


  • price, it is just awesome, though each time is up (was 90 rubles, was little more than 120 rubles),
  • the effect of the funds is questionable (not all people felt the power of humic acids).

Thus, black detox-water— new method of earnings. If you have health problems or lack of vitamins (and this I can say only doctors and only after the tests), it is best to take regular vitamins in necessary doses. The right tool and the right dosage tell the doctor.

If you have received this water, then be sure to share your impressions in the comments to this post.