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Books in our life

In the world there is no man who would read everything. In fact, many people do not read anything. This should be avoided. Anyway, keep a good book on the nightstand is useful to anyone who is committed to self-improvement. Whatever you prefer: biographies, novels, non-fiction or easy fiction, reading can become a fascinating activity that you'll be happy to return. The main thing – to find the correct book.

Books in our life

And if we choose, to choose old books on. It is because we are talking about the Amateur who, versed worse than specialist. New books are not time tested and not the beginner to judge them. It would be nice if after every modern book you read one a period or at least after every three.

it Never hurts to read a few classical works. In this regard, "War and peace" is probably too ambitious a plan, but it would be very worthy of you to find several works that you missed in school. Start with those books that forever commemorated everywhere that makes you feel the rawness! Be worth the effort. After all, if the book as a classic, there certainly is something worthwhile, in addition, such works are always produced in the covers and on cheap paper, so you can always throw a volume, if it is very bored.

Ask friends and acquaintances advice on what you should read. Spend an hour in a bookstore, just flipping through and looking at books. So you can find something that will arouse your interest before unknown subjects. Take three books and read them everywhere: in the train, on vacation, in the evening in bed. At least, they should always be nearby, and from time to time some books will be replaced by others, and others will be able to assess you as well.