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Bran for weight loss: how to use, reviews

Probably, almost all dieters know that bran is fiber, which is obtained after cleaning of grain. But did you know that this product is practically not absorbed by the body? Thus, it is possible to quickly figure out that bran is a great product for weight loss.

Bran for weight loss: how to use, reviews

the Benefits of bran

Fiber contains many b vitamins, E, and A. moreover, it is rich in vital amino acids. If you compare bran with a potato content of potassium, here by a wide margin (about 2 twice) wins the first product.

Bran is not digested, but simply swells in the stomach, leaving after a certain time with feces. Losing weight is not feel hungry for a long period.

Scientists have shown that products of milling industry, which just includes the bran, is able to bind cholesterol. In addition, they maintain the glucose level to normal ratios.

Bran contribute to the normalization of microflora in the intestines, so they can be attributed to the probiotics. This product is also often used in Caloric content of fresh and stewed carrots 100 grams, because, like a sponge, absorbs harmful substances.

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Bran for weight loss: how to use

If you want to lose weight with bran, it is recommended to take loose product (resembles breadcrumbs). In this form the bran is sold with a minimum content of additives.

Bran for weight loss: how to use, reviews

in Addition, there is a product in the form of crackers, sticks, etc. Its nicer to eat, but the vitamins in this product less (due to the heat treatment). Also do not forget about the possible content of the flour, salt, sugar, which increases calorie. Salt, of course, in this aspect – neutral additive, but it retains water in the body, which is unacceptable when losing weight.

Bran can be mixed with liquid foods. If you want to drop them, for example, in a crumbly mess that pre-zaparte in hot water. In addition, you can use hem in cheese (1 spoon) with water or tea. A day, eat no more than 50 grams of product, starting with small amounts.

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Rye oat bran for weight loss, wheat or oats: which is better?

In principle, there is no difference. You can purchase any product, recommendations for use remain the same.

Wheat bran. The Caloric Value Of 250 Calories. B/W: 15/3.8/53.6 g. the Product is rich in selenium, iron, magnesium and other elements.

Rye bran. The caloric value is 221 Calories. B/W: 11/3.2/32 g Contain b vitamins, A and E.

Oat bran. Calories – 247 Kcal. B/W: 17.3/7.03/66.22. Rich in vitamins PP, E, K and V.

it is Worth considering that in all bran contains lignans – substances that have antioxidant, antibacterial and antiviral properties. In addition, they force the liver to produce more enzymes that burn fat.

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How to take bran for weight loss in the case of certain diseases?

So as not to cause indigestion or any negative effect, eat about a day, 1 spoon of bran. At various stages Caloric content of fresh and stewed carrots 100 grams the daily rate may be up to 3 scoops.

Bran for weight loss: how to use, reviews

to refuse bran is recommended if you have acute gastritis, stomach ulcers. Also the product is contraindicated in case of colitis and enteritis. If you still want to lose weight with bran in the presence of these diseases, then decrease the daily amount to a teaspoon.

it is Important to note that fiber is not valid in case of reception of any medicines. So, the break between the consumption of bran and, for example, tablets should be at least six hours. Otherwise, the actions of the drugs will not (components is simply excreted in a natural way with fiber).

Bran for weight loss: reviews

Margaret: "In principle, to lose weight only some of the bran is meaningless, because the effect is minimal. But if you combine this diet with exercising and the right diet, the result becomes noticeable quickly."

Olesya: "I just want bran to treat constipation, but I noticed that I started to lose the weight that I was just "in excess". Now successfully lose weight with fiber. Monthly lose somewhere around 3-3. 5 kilograms".

Rima: "Every day during the month, replaced the dinner yogurt and bran. Managed to lose 4 pounds, a good result like me."