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Cheap analogues of popular drugs

In the modern realities leave half pay at the pharmacy is a common thing, especially in the case of chronic diseases. But is it possible to save money on medications by buying their counterparts? It turns out that Yes! Save this article to bookmarks so as not to lose)

Cheap analogues of popular drugs

Cheap analogs of expensive drugs

usually, people buy simply order what is prescribed by a doctor. However, they do not even think that the doctor can advise a more expensive contract with these or other manufacturers (Yes, in a market economy it is not uncommon). Often even in private hospitals doctors are trying to profit at the expense of the partnership that does not fit in the head (apparently, believe that once a man came to a private clinic, then, has a large budget).

Before you give analogues expensive drugs, it is worth noting that there are also compositions are synonyms.

the Medicine-analogue is a product containing a different active substance, but is created to treat the same diseases.

the drugs-synonyms (generic) is a drug which is no different at all from the original media, that is essentially the same tool, only cheap. Here it is worth considering the fact that each medicine has an international non-proprietary name and trade name. The first is written in small print on the packaging under the trade name (the name under which the product is known to the public). Not the same brand name for all medicines containing the same active substance.

Cheap analogues of popular drugs

So why the same drug is different? It's all in the marketing and advertising. Price popular, and hence expensive drugs is based of the money allocated for advertising campaign, warehouses in different cities, etc.

Important! Below, we have cheap analogs of drugs which are synonymous. If you want to buy a vehicle at all with another active substance, then consult a doctor. Any replacement must be discussed with the doctor, otherwise there may be serious consequences from self-treatment.

how Effective are analogues?

According to some doctors, substitutes are not always providing an effect similar to the original. And sometimes even the same tool, only from different manufacturers, differ in their properties. The comment of one expert:

Analogue sometimes has no effect. When I give a prescription to the patient, then write 2-3 analogue to choose, but warned that the budget option may be worthless.

In my practice I spoke with hypertension who sitting on Anape bought this Enap, but from another manufacturer. And they began to increase the pressure.

by the Way, But-shpa, in practice it appears better Drotaverine (+ more depending on the manufacturer). As for CREON 10000, it the same Pancreatin, but in a different form (microspheres). One of my patients were treated with pain 8 tablets of Pancreatin or 1 capsule of CREON. It was clarified to them experimentally.

drug Analogues: list

We decided to issue a similar (if to speak more precisely, generics) gallery alphabetically. So you can quickly find a cure from the General list. But if you click on the buttonCheap analogues of popular drugsin the gallery window, you will see indications for the use of funds. The cheap ones list will be systematically supplemented.