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Dead pull rod: technique

Barbell dead lift is an exercise that involves multiple muscle groups including muscles of the buttocks, back and thighs. This exercise has its own technique and variety, which we'll talk.

Dead pull rod: technique

Muscles that uses pull rod

When performing exercises more muscles worked hip, buttock and spinal cord. Depending on the technique, test bogreater load can either back muscles or feet.

If we analyze more in depth, it involves the muscles of the shoulder blades, forearm , deltoid muscle, muscle-stabilizers, which support posture, the biceps and triceps of the thigh and psoas muscle.

grip rods and types the most traction

There are three choices of grip: straight, reverse and mixed (combined). No matter what grip to perform the exercise. The only one: deadlift invalid raznocvet because when the spine is twisted.

there are several types of thrust rod: standard, Romanian on straight legs and pull on the setting of the Smith. There is also deadlifts using dumbbells, but we consider that this material will not.

Dead pull rod: technique

the Technique of dead thrust with a barbell

Classic exercise with bent knees

  1. Starting position: upper body straight, bend only the lower back, blade flattened, slightly bent feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Grab the barbell with straight arms, lift her up. It is important that the distance between the body and the neck was minimal.
  3. Slowly lower the bar by submitting your pelvis back, lower back straighten.
  4. In a lowered position should have a shake in the legs, after a small delay (couple of seconds) re-lift the shell.

If you want to load the muscle, then reduce the distance between the feet. Grip barbell is at shoulder level.

Romanian deadlift on straight legs

the Main difference of this exercise from the classic— the load experienced mainly the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. This attraction is ideal for girls, as the rod is lowered only to the tibia.

Technique similar to the above. Lower shell to the middle part of the tibia is not heavy on the back, making spinal injuries are excluded.

Dead lift on the Smith trainer

Beginners should master the exercise on the simulator, so as not to damage the back. Installation Smith has special hooks and elements that allow you to hone technique.

the Only rule: you have to keep your back muscles have been stretched, otherwise no good from training will not.

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rookie Mistakes

  • Often beginners SAG not only lower back but whole back shoulders. This is a gross error that not allow to pump the muscles.
  • you can Not change the position of the feet during the lifting or lowering of the rod, and foot off the floor.
  • it is Forbidden to push the projectile up knees.
  • Put the bar to have sex in the classic version, so the shoulders ended up at the level of the buttocks (the body parallel to the floor).
  • If the muscles of the back and arms tired faster gluteal and femoral, so the technique of traction is broken.

Some tips

  • Most importantly: pre-workout do workout to avoid injuries. Let a small load on his back, thighs, calf muscles and hamstrings.
  • Perform the lifting and lowering of the rod as smooth as possible.
  • First class low weight limit, it is not necessary to set records.
  • After exercise, stretching the muscles of the legs to biceps and triceps thighs grew faster.
  • For classes choose your shoes on a flat sole.
  • Perform each exercise 10-15 times in three sets. Over time (a few months) load can increase.
  • Pull rod can replace the women with other exercises less effective.

Exercises that can replace the deadlifts with a barbell

  • If you need to load the thighs, you can resort to the deadlift, leg curl lying on the simulator or the forward bends with weights.
  • buttock Muscles will work deep squat position, lifting the pelvis in the supine position or retraction of the legs back with the dumbbell.
  • the Above exercises and working on your back muscles, the back can also be strengthened with hyperextension.