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Exercises for belly for men

Men, like women, is also closely watching his body, wishing always to remain in shape and have a toned body. Today we will discuss home exercises for men to adjust the abdomen and flanks. If responsible for training, soon you will gain your desired shape press.

Exercises for belly for men

exercises for the muscles of the abdomen and back

  1. Lie on a bench to head was at the very edge. Hands stick over the top of the bench. Slowly raise legs as high as possible without bending them, and then lower, but not putting on the floor.Exercises for belly for men
  2. Lie on floor or Mat with legs bent, keep your hands behind your head. Raise your torso, touching your elbow to the opposite knee.
  3. Take such a position, as shown in the photo below, the legs should be smooth. Softservices somewhere in 20 seconds, and after a short rest repeat home exercise for the stomach.Exercises for belly for men
  4. Lie on a Mat, in the hand take a normal ball. Lift slightly bent legs and at the same time, lift the body, placing a ball in one direction and then the other.Exercises for belly for men
  5. there is Nothing that trains the muscles of the abdomen and back at home, like pushups. A lighter option for men — strap not less than one minute.

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Exercise for weight loss belly men

  1. For weight loss in the abdominal area useful exercise bike. For its implementation need to adopt the supine position, and then to simulate legs Cycling. Of course, that home charging is not as effective as real skating, so I sincerely suggest, if you really want to lose weight quickly, to change from car or scooter on the bike.
  2. Starting position — standing, hands behind his head. Raise the bent leg and simultaneously lower your body, reaching your left elbow right knee and Vice versa.Exercises for belly for men
  3. Take this initial position, as in the bar, but this time widely spread your legs and arms. Exercise with each arm alternately, free exposing in a way. Important aside hand did not bend.Exercises for belly for men
  4. To qualitatively discuss the side man in the home, perform this exercise: lie on floor, arms along the body. Lift with your legs first to the left, and then right shoulder. In the process of lifting, bend them at the knee.
  5. Lie on the carpet, in a room designated for the head direct the hand, take the ball, legs slightly bend, his feet to the floor. Lift the body, touching the ball of her knees.

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belly Exercises for men at home

  1. Also for men, who want to lose weight in the sides and stomach, suitable sidebar. First try to hold her a minute and then increase the time of exercise.
  2. Take a position as in normal bracket. Bend the abdomen alternately to each foot for three minutes.Exercises for belly for men
  3. Lie on the floor, arms spread to the sides. Lifting straight leg up, slowly lower them to the left and the right. This exercise for men at home is working efficiently side.Exercises for belly for men
  4. Sit on the floor, hands pull back a little, making them stop. Bend legs first to the left and then right.Exercises for belly for men

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Home exercises for men for belly and sides

  1. Lie on your back, arms along the body. With legs together raise your hands, trying to reach the toes. It is important that the legs were as straight.Exercises for belly for men
  2. Stand up from the side plank, lower to the floor, be smooth, and the top of the head. Pull to the belly alternately to each foot.Exercises for belly for men
  3. men slimming belly useful jumping rope. The optimum time for such training define themselves.
  4. you can perform squats with weights in hands. This exercise in the home involves not only the legs but also the abdomen too.