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Exercises for women at home

An important attribute of the beautiful body of the girls is a slim waist. To reduce its volume as possible with a workout in the gym and physical activity at home. The article tells about how to create the perfect waist alone.

Exercises for women at home

Exercises to slim waist

In the process of formation of the waist involves muscle as the anterior and lateral portions of the abdomen, each group which requires targeted load. But why all the known exercises for a slim waist does not always lead to positive results? Avoid disappointment by following the following rules.

  • to Start classes with warm-up and dynamic exercises of aerobic character, especially in the waist area significant body fat. Undoubtedly, the muscles form the weight training, but if you build muscle, not removing fat, visually nothing will change.
  • Each class should last more than an hour, since the lipid layer begins to burn after 40 minutes of moderate intensity. While the increase in intensity is not necessary, because it provokes the accumulation in the muscles of lactic acid.
  • should Not be used in the classroom a complex exercise. Exercises consisting of simple movements, each of which are performed at least 10-15 times in several approaches, so it will have an effect.
  • the Use of dumbbells, weight in excess of 1-1. 5 kg, it is advisable to use some time later, when reduced in volume, the waist will require greater muscle shape.
  • it is Particularly important proper breathing, carried out on the abdominal type. Exercise occurs on the inhale, and return to the original position (hereinafter SP) is on the exhale.

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Exercises for women at home

at home exercises for waist was found to be effective, it will not hurt to acquire a compact exercise equipment that find a place in every apartment. These include: balance disc, fitball, gymnastics stick.

Gymnastics drive is designed to perform twisting movements that quickly lead to tone obliques. Twisting can be produced not only from the SP standing, but also being on all fours, placing your knees on the disk. Thus considering the deeper muscle region.

Exercises for women at home

the Fitball can significantly vary the exercises both dynamic and static exercises. To pump the lower abs, giving emphasis to the legs, the exercise ball should be placed under the buttocks, and upper abdominals under the lumbar-thoracic spine. Thus, the impact is at the front of the muscle, although perfectly worked out and the sides if the pump press alternately twisting the torso from side to side. The PI lying on your back can clamp the ball down, then run the lead-collecting movement against the stomach. Of the FE sitting on the fitball produced turns the body left and right, tilts forward and back. And this is not a complete list of possible exercises.

Exercises for women at home

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the Gymnastic stick is able to complement tilts and turns. Holding her two hands in front of him or behind, a student gets every move by default, maintaining correct posture, which contributes to the retention in shape of the anterior abdominal wall.

Exercises for women at home

But even in the absence of the above facilities home workouts will definitely have an effect. The following special exercises will help as well.

Exercise for waist and stomach

For the correction of the abdomen and waist, you can apply the following exercises:

  1. IP — standing, feet together, torso parallel to the floor, straightened arm hit the wall. Need to get socks, and then fall on the heels, making the rapids.
  2. IP — lying on his stomach, the elbow stop, legs straight, the emphasis is also on the socks. Do the exercise “plank” for at least 30 seconds.Exercises for women at home
  3. IP — sitting, hands resting on the floor. Generate release the legs back so they were shoulder width apart, the body does not touch the floor. Then immediately put your legs to the starting position.Exercises for women at home
  4. IP — lying on his back. Follow “birch” at least 10 seconds, and then perform a flexion-extension legs at the knees.Exercises for women at home
  5. IP — lying on his back, feet resting on the floor, feet on width of shoulders, hands along a trunk. Make lifting and lowering of the pelvis (you can put feet on the platform to increase range of motion).Exercises for women at home

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Exercise for waist and sides

Exercises for hips and waist may be the following.

  1. IP — standing, feet on width of shoulders, hands on waist. Need to implement a circular motion body, leaving the pelvis is fixed.
  2. IP — lying on his back, hands apart, straight legs together, perpendicular to the floor. Follow the inclinations of the legs left and right. Exercises for women at home
  3. IP — lying on his back, legs bent at the knees in emphasis. Do the exercise for the press with torso turns left and right.Exercises for women at home
  4. IP — on his knees. Right foot right to side, torso tilt more to the left with simultaneous straightening of the right hand over the head. Rhythmically begin to change leg and hand.
  5. From the “strap” alternate pull straight leg to the side.