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How to become a woman in demand?

The question how to be attractive, care about absolutely every woman, even if the lady does not admit it. There are girls who generally have no shortage of attention from men, although seemingly not as beauty. Even remember school or kindergarten. Everyone in the class was the girl I wanted to sit all the boys, on the 8th of March, they begged money from my parents to buy cloves, samples of toilet water, etc. That is why is this happening? Let's find out.

How to become a woman in demand?

the Italians say that if a girl was born unattractive is nature. But if this same girl was not attractive to thirty years, so she's stupid. The woman should love yourself, because the inferiority complex will never allow to open up 100%.

tip # 1

don't show the man you mentally stronger. It is not necessary to be compared with the beloved, in principle, women cannot be. If the man is normal and not a drone, he will begin to do, the man just will not be able to afford to continue this marathon.

tip # 2

Watch yourself, Butch women, normal men bypass the tenth road. Men are visual creatures. You can be beautiful on the unwritten, but launch yourself to the level of Quasimodo. It is not necessary to live in beauty salons, because there are basic cosmetics that don't cost crazy money. Some girls don't even know what is the difference between night and day creams.

How to become a woman in demand?

it is Difficult to assess the filling of the candy in the plain wrapper:) the first thing Everyone looking at the design of the wrapper.

How to become a woman in demand?

tip # 3

Give moral support to her husband. A woman needs to create around themselves a space in which the man would be easy and comfortable to be in. The state of happiness is transmitted in the form of fluids. Men feel exactly like girls, positive energy promises.

tip # 4

Be confident. Charisma captivates other people. Convince yourself that you are good. However, understand that there will always be people who will be better than you. It is the norm that you just have to accept, and then life will become much easier!

How to become a woman in demand?

tip # 5

Men don't like affectations. This is when the girl is devoid of simplicity and naturalness, when she's too mannered. It is not necessary to depict that which is not.

Love yourself, appreciate and respect! Be airy, pleasant. Be bugenyi, but don't overact!:)