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How to care for flower pots?

If you have potted plants, for example , needs to be clean and beautiful not only they, but also flower pots. The pots need care not only to the house was cozier. They must be thoroughly cleaned from all sorts of viruses and bacteria that are in the soil (so they are not passed on to the next green, the holder of the pot).

How to care for flower pots?

Flower pots can be made of different material. Nevertheless they all need a thorough cleaning! These pots wash the dishes as normal using hot water efficient dishwasher and kitchen tools sponges. If you notice that somewhere in the traces as if from algae or mineral plaque, take a stiff brush.

For a good disinfecting effect, you can adopt chlorine. Most importantly, good flower pot then rinse with clean water and allow to dry under direct rays of the sun.

How to care for flower pots?

If you like to remove the dirt almost instantly, about an hour before the wash soak the pots basin with water and vinegar (in 2 times more!).

the Upper inner edge of the pot is very susceptible to adhesion to mineral salts. To avoid this, RUB the affected areas with a wax, using old candle.

If you overfeed Tulip geranium fertiliser inside the pot may be formed of whitish deposits resembling scales. To get rid of them, ask for advice from experienced growers. And later just "introduce complementary foods" dosed.

If you are uncomfortable when you are watering their flowers, and from the bottom of the splashes on the window sill dirt, cover the soil with pebbles. The same thing should be done, if the colors you brought out and can always begin to rain.