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How to clean breeches — exercise at home

One of the most common problems female figures are fat deposits in the hips – so called "breeches" or "ears". Very often they do not go away even after dropping a solid "portions" of pounds. To the process of losing weight also referred to this problem area, you need to perform some fairly simple tips and regularly do an exercise about which we will tell in our article.

How to clean breeches — exercise at home

Tips to clean breeches

If you notice deposits on the type of "breeches", first of all, you need to pay attention to nutrition. From the daily diet should eliminate flour, fat, an abundance of spicy foods and especially soft drinks from different fast food. There are about four or five times a day but small portions, giving preference to cereals, to durum pasta, lean meat, various vegetables.

How to remove the breeches — exercise at home

Also a question about how to clean breeches, can answer and experienced masseur who will certainly advise to take a course of special massage. But remember to see the desired result, you need a course, not a couple of sessions. If the time on trips to a specialist no, you can use self-massage: massage the problem area you need from the bottom up, using a special massage oil. This procedure should be performed every day, giving her 10 minutes. This will make the skin more elastic and helps fat cells to dissolve faster.

How to clean breeches on the hip with physical activity?

This problem must be addressed comprehensively, therefore, in terms of combat breeches definitely need to incorporate exercising. They can easily be done at home, just be sure to do this daily, with no gaps.

the First exercise of this series can be knee lifts from a standing position. For this you need to have feet shoulder width apart and then take away the bent knee foot maximum in the side. On the inhale – return to original position. First perform the exercise on one leg, then on the second.

How to remove the breeches — exercise at home

the Following exercise will lift direct feet on a side. To do this, lie on your side, hands slightly expose ourselves and rely on them, the legs are extended. On the inhale raise the leg as high up as possible, trying not to bend the knee. After completing the upgrade of 10-15 times, turn over on the second side and do the same with the other leg.

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Also those who at the time was looking for an answer to the question about how to clean breeches on the thighs, argue that effective simply jumping rope is the classic "bar" that uses all muscle groups, including hips.

Breeches: exercise with dumbbells

Among the exercises to remove the breeches on the thighs, leading attacks both classical and diagonal that are recommended to do weights-free weights.

Classic attacks are performed according to the following scheme: the initial body position – standing, legs shoulder width apart. Then on the inhale you need to step back to the knee of the front leg is bent at a right angle, with acute angle, should not be. On the exhale you need to return to the starting position. Do 15 lunges on one leg and then the second.


How to remove the breeches — exercise at home

Diagonal lunges are a slightly different plan: to starting position put your legs crosswise, as shown in the picture below. From this position, on the inhale take a deep squat, exhale – return to the starting position. Do 10-15 lunges on one leg and then the same number on the second.

How to remove the breeches — exercise at home

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to remove the breeches, the exercises should be done 3-4 approach, during which you should feel tension in the thighs and in the buttocks. If such feelings arise, take more weight of dumbbells or increase the number of repetitions.