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How to make a slim waist? Article about how not need to lose weight

The Internet gives many ways on how to make the waist thin. Supposedly helps thermal underwear, wrap, wraps, and of course, special exercises. In this article you will learn what practices are generally meaningless, and which can transform you into a real sweetie

How to make a slim waist? Article about how not need to lose weight

Main causes voluminous waist

a rather Big waistline is a result of the following factors:

  • complete disregard for proper nutrition,
  • low or no physical activity,
  • heredity,
  • poor posture.

let us Examine in details the following ways to lose weight in the abdomen:

  • corset and various underwear,
  • wrap,
  • exercises for abs and sides
  • diet diet
  • correction posture.

Underwear helps?

Answer at once— no. No practical benefit from different zones, which, incidentally, is described , no. Synthetic material interferes with the normal cooling of the body, whereby the body begins to “cool” in another way- through the process of sweating. In the end, one workout you can lose about two to three pounds, but not fat, and water. Should you be dehydrated? Through the day the weight will again be the same.

How to make a slim waist? Article about how not need to lose weight

Belts and other thermal underwear during exercise only in the way:

  • they do not allow normal breathing, causing the fat digestion is slower because of the lack of oxygen,
  • they violate the circulation, peredelyvala vessels. As a result, the transport split fat is worse.

Some think that after the underwear just don't need to drink to drink, so weight is not gained again. This is a gross misconception. No wonder they all nutritionists and doctors advise to drink during the day enough water.

due to lack of fluid the body will begin to swell (in the body increase the amount of the hormone vasopressin and mineralocorticoids of the adrenal cortex). In addition, your productivity will drop by 30%.

how about wraps?

As in the case of underwear, wraps have no effect. They also remove only the moisture from the body, but not fat. Forget these miraculous methods to lose weight. To achieve this, we have to work, though seriously.

Action wrap

losing weight note that the wrap in some way helps to achieve results faster. But they don't mean the usual light equipment, and heavy Hoop with hard balls on the perimeter. During these classes the inevitable injuries and bruises. To make such sacrifices or not— to solve only to you.

How to make a slim waist? Article about how not need to lose weight

a Few words about the corset

the Corset, of course, you could radically change, but only for a while. This garment is strictly not recommended to wear every day. It is not necessary to believe that the daily wearing of a corset will make your waist slim. It's all fiction. You will earn the following problems:

  • a horrible itching,
  • offset bodies
  • lack of oxygen
  • inflammation of the lining of the esophagus, etc.

the use of the corset— it corrects the posture, which is so important to achieve ideal body proportions.

for More details about the corset can read .

adjustments to diet

first things First we need to determine for themselves the daily rate of calories a day. It is a special formula which is given below.

  1. Men: BMR = [9.99 x weight (kg)] + [6.25 x height (cm)] — [4.92 x age (years)] + 5
  2. Women — BMR = [9.99 x weight (kg)] + [6.25 x height (cm)] — [4.92 x age (years)] – 161

In the formula as weight you should only specify the ideal weight given the height.

Ideal weight for females (kg) : (height (cm) x 3.5 : 2,54 – 108) x 0,453.
Ideal weight for males (kg) : (height (cm) x 4.0 : 2,54 – 128) x 0,453.

of the daily value recommended to take 500 calories. This will be the deficit that the body will compensate from your own body fat. The main source of energy are carbohydrates, therefore they are desirable to reduce. It is worth noting that the decline is only from fast carbohydrates (sweet, flour, etc.). All other products can be eaten, but in a certain amount.

How to make a slim waist? Article about how not need to lose weight

the Right diet for 1400 calories/day is given .

be Sure to keep a log of calories, to know how much you consume food per day. Please note that the normal daily calorie content is also dependent on loads.

Also suggest to read the article the establishment of proper nutrition to speed up metabolism.

Foods allowed

  1. Complex carbohydrates: rice porridge buckwheat, oatmeal, pasta from durum wheat.
  2. Proteins: lean meats, e.g., beef, fish (Pollock or cod), chicken, low-fat cottage cheese, kefir, etc.
  3. Fibre: vegetables and fruit in any quantity, except bananas and grapes.

Products in the oven, on the grill or cook. Frying food is prohibited.

General tips for smooth changes in the diet

  1. the First week. Discard the mayonnaise, sour cream and various sauces. Make salads and dishes with olive oil or any vegetable. Recommended every morning on an empty stomach to drink two teaspoon of Flaxseed oil.
  2. Second week. Completely abstain from simple carbohydrates (cakes, pastries, sugar, sweets, pastries, carbonated sugary drinks, etc.). Replace sweet dried apricots, fruit or dried fruit, honey or natural black chocolate.
  3. Third week. Abstain from alcohol, also start to cook properly, that is, any healthy methods (in the oven, on the grill, in the steamer or boil).

Eat fractional portions 4-5 times a day, to accustom the body to eat enough and not to get food “to dump”. Also note that a major percentage of the entire food must be the first half of the day.

How to make a slim waist? Article about how not need to lose weight

Suggest to try the drying body, which can help reduce body fat. The article is at the link.

Exercise to achieve thin waist

just note that the waist is not muscle, so no exercises at home for thin waist. To become already, it is necessary to perform a set of exercises that affect the abdominal muscles and sides. Such a complex is presented in the article.

I Also want to note that while losing weight is important to pay attention to your body type. So, if you have curvy hips, but narrow shoulders, it is necessary to carefully work out the shoulder belt to visually enlarge.

How to make a slim waist? Article about how not need to lose weight

  1. “Apple”. This type of shape has no obvious curves, breast and belly rounded, thin legs.
  2. “Pear”. Characterized by a thin waist, but wide hips and full legs.
  3. the“Inverted triangle”. Pronounced waist no figure in the region of the belt can be wider than the hips.
  4. Rectangle. All parts of the body have the same coverage. To achieve the perfect figure with this type of appearance is very difficult.
  5. the“Hourglass”. Characterized by a thin waist, chest and hips have almost the same volume. This type of women often fit the characteristics of 90-60-90.

the Shoulders of working through these exercises:

  • dumbbell bench press standing or sitting
  • broach rod to the chin,
  • breeding dumbbell in hand,
  • pull.

IMPORTANT! Do not perform side bends with weights in the hope that they will reduce the waist. From the kind of activity you, on the contrary, will be wider, though, to correct it would be impossible. His strong sides, you may not need.

the importance of good posture

Very often due to poor posture begins to bulge, tummy, and shape to acquire completely different forms. To correct your posture in case of problems, follow these rules.

How to make a slim waist? Article about how not need to lose weight

  1. Study your back muscles because they are responsible for posture. Do yoga or stretching.
  2. Buy a corset that will not let you slouch.
  3. Always monitor how you are sitting, especially when working at the computer. Develop the habit to sit up straight.

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