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Ideas garden paths.

Even the most ordinary garden path can look totally different. They can make almost any material that you have available. The idea of the garden path is limited only by the imagination. We present to your attention some interesting fun in the tracks.

Ideas garden paths.
  1. Garden path with lighting.
  2. Garden path of old wooden boards.
  3. Area of uneven cobbled paving and lawn.
  4. How to make treads garden path on the slope of your plot.
  5. Garden path in the backyard in the overall composition with other buildings.
  6. Beautiful track from a large white stone.

Ideas for garden paths.

  1. the Combination of paving and gravel garden path gives quite unique look.
  2. Stones of different sizes and voids between them filled with rubble.
  3. Large square blocks located at a distance from each other.
  4. Pruning old wood planks and pebbles.
  5. quality garden paths can be used beautifully laid screenings or fine gravel fraction 5-20.
  6. you Can make a round shape of different diameter and fill with concrete.
  7. the Most painstaking and difficult work will be a garden path in the form of a mosaic.

Ideas for garden paths.

  1. Sections of logs of different diameter also can be a decoration of your garden plot.
  2. Large squares paving and screenings.
  3. Concrete squares and paving slabs at the edges of the track.
  4. pavers with the lawn between the blocks.
  5. Garden path of red paving slabs with Islands of white stone.