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Is it possible to change destiny? Or is it a foregone conclusion?

And is it possible to change the destiny of man? Or is it already a foregone conclusion? To figure out this question will help a doctor of psychology, clinical psychologist and part psychic of Ziraddin Rzayev.

Is it possible to change destiny? Or is it a foregone conclusion?

the Word destiny in philosophy means inevitable. Therefore, to change or influence it is not possible... could we say but do not say. In fact, man is given freedom from God, that is, we may own something to do, something to solve.

of Course, at birth, the baby's fate is already planned in heaven: if he has a lot of money, will it be possible to find a faithful partner in life, to be happy or not. But don't get depressed.

There is a heaven and hell, as you know. Bad people are punished by God and good, it encourages a serene life. This suggests that humans, too much depends. In particular, only depend on those or other actions, which would open the door to heaven or hell.

Destiny affects a person only by 50%, and the remaining 50% of a successful life depends on the personality.

Can I change fate? Or is it a foregone conclusion?

Many people want to know their fate. They are starting to run to his grandmother, Dedkov, etc. is it possible to find out their fate? Ziraddin noted that to protect yourself in this way is not only useful, and in some cases need. It's like the weather forecast. Even though it is not entirely accurate, but gives an idea about the coming days. Possessing information, people can plan a particular event or to avoid undesirable life script.

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it Should be noted that some test of fate there's nowhere to go, no matter how tried. If a person is destined to go through something, it will happen.

So is it possible to change your destiny? A psychic explains: some of the things given to us by fate (e.g. childlessness), cannot be changed, whereas the other troubles of life, depend just from some combination of circumstances (economic, psychological, etc.) adjustment of the yield. To determine it's fate or not only psychic. For example, some people successfully treated from cancer, and others cannot. That is the kind of fate.

Most people are interested in the possibility of getting pregnant, says Ziraddin, compatibility with the new chosen one and other things like that, mainly concerning psychology. The psychologist advises be sure to check out the beloved not only of mental work, but physical, that is to be tested for blood, etc. In some cases, people can not be together, their joint existence is doomed to failure.

whether prayer? Yes, definitely, they are able to change the coming events, but only those that depend on the person, not destiny.

Can I change fate? Or is it a foregone conclusion?

Even Jesus himself couldn't change the karma. The Bible said that he could see the coming dark days, when he was crucified between two serial killers, but anything could not do.

We are able to change the events, but not destiny. And so, if you speculate, you can't adjust to being just stupid, lazy or those who do not have their own opinions. By and large we are able to a change, just do not want to do it. It's easier to relate events to those 50% who allegedly painted the Universe. After all, if people could change anything, it is existence on the planet would be like the puppet theatre.

Here is an excellent example. In the YouTube video is quite extreme, which run on skyscrapers, scaffolding, cranes, etc. are successful down while others fall. This is clearly not destiny, and the choice of a particular person. He could simply not take that risk. Agree?