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Metabolism: what is it and what is the difference between fast and slow metabolism

The inability to lose weight some people attribute a slow metabolism. Because of the metabolic disorders, indeed, pounds can go slower, but does metabolism affect the situation as a whole? To understand this, it is important to find out what metabolism is, its essence and effects of a slow metabolism.

Metabolism: what is it and what is the difference between fast and slow metabolism

What is the metabolism of simple language?

Metabolism is differently interpreted as metabolism. If it comes to the most simple language, it is the breakdown and then the transformation of one substances into others. Food, oxygen, fluid, and Solin can be absorbed by the body, therefore, is a series of chemical reactions. Of new components are generated and updated fabric. With the exception of vitamins, they are ready to eat by the body immediately.

the Exchange processes occur every second, not just during a meal, can think of some people.

Metabolism occurs in two phases.

  1. Cleavage products. For example, the muscles don't need pure protein, they require only certain amino acids, which are contained in protein-rich foods. It is important to note that amino acids derived from, for example, chicken meat different from milk. Therefore, to maintain health it is impossible to completely abandon one or the other products. During anabolism (splitting) the body receives the necessary energy.
  2. the Second stage is catabolism: the connection of simple elements in a complex to create an integrated structure. A Prime example of catabolism can serve as wound healing, skin renewal or the growth of nails/hair. Obtained in the process of splitting of the energy goes into the process of catabolism. But if you receive too many calories, they are stored “in reserve”. So is the weight gain.

the Essence of the metabolism of individual substances

protein Metabolism

As you know, protein is getting not only from animal food, and vegetable. In order for the body to develop normally, we need two kinds of proteins. It is important to note that protein foods in no way forms a fat and fully synthesized in the 1-to-1. In children, the catabolic processes predominate over anabolic. This is explained by intensive growth and development.

Metabolism: what is it and what is the difference between fast and slow metabolism

Speaking of protein metabolism, it is worth remembering also complete and incomplete proteins. The first type of protein contains all twenty amino acids (animal products). If, however, lacks at least one amino acid, then we are talking about the defective protein.

Metabolism of carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for the body. They are divided into simple and complex. The first type includes all sweets, flour, sugar, soda, etc. These products bear no health benefits, but are excellent antidepressants. Complex carbohydrates are cereals, vegetables, bread, fruit, cereal, etc. That's just these products is vital.

When the metabolism of complex carbohydrates are converted to glucose level in the blood remains almost at the same level. Simple carbohydrates provoke a significant change of glucose in the lymph. Consequences: deterioration in General condition, lethargy, possible mood swings.

If strongly to be fond of food rich in carbohydrates, the fat is assured.

fat Metabolism

In the process of metabolism of fats produces glycerol, which together with fatty acids deposited in adipose tissue. Excessive consumption of foods rich in lipids, the human body quickly loses its shape and becomes loose, and the fat layer becomes more and more.

Metabolism: what is it and what is the difference between fast and slow metabolism

But if external localized fat to fight, with the inner — is very difficult. Literally overgrown with fat bodies cannot function properly, causing the serious health problems.

the Daily rate of lipid from 100 to 20 grams depending on age.

the Exchange of water and salts

water Metabolism is particularly intense, as the liquid is absolutely necessary: water is available in blood, plasma, directly in the cells themselves. So you are less worried about headaches, you were more active and less prone to fatigue, it is important to drink two liters of liquid.

a Separate issue — salt. The percentage they make up only 4.5%. Salts enter the body with other products. Typically, their stocks are replenished naturally by themselves. Suggest to read the article Rice diet for weight loss and cleansing the body.

metabolic disorder

Before the statement of fact, they say you have a slow metabolism, it is very important figure out your metabolic rate. There is such a term as basic metabolism, which determines the number of required calories when the body is in complete rest (without the slightest movement even centuries).

it is Very important to calculate your metabolic rate, so in the process of adjusting the diet to reduce the caloric intake. Otherwise, the coordinated work of the organism is disturbed. To determine the threshold accurately is almost impossible, since various data are recorded: activity, height, weight etc to Calculate calorie intake you can, based on the formula provided by Rice diet for weight loss and cleansing the body. Many online calculators are on the Internet.

Metabolism: what is it and what is the difference between fast and slow metabolism

If the metabolism is all fine, people can eat high-calorie food and not gain weight. In addition, the General health of such a person, he feels vigorous and healthy.

metabolic disorders associated with:

  • floors: a woman by nature has more fat, thereby to sustain, they need fewer calories. Men also need about 5% more power
  • age: metabolism slows down somewhere in the 25 years, it's the inherent nature. Every decade the metabolism slows down by 10%, therefore the extra weight appear faster, and a reduction of the caloric content of food is vital,
  • the ratio of fat to muscle in the body. So, the athlete is at rest requires more energy by approximately 15% than a person with excess weight. This is due to the fact that a lot of energy taking muscle. The more muscle mass, the high-calorie food should be,
  • poor diet: it is worth to remember not only junk food but also hours useful. The meal should take place at a certain time. Starvation, overeating, etc. are not allowed.

the Most common causes of metabolic disorders

generally metabolism is disturbed due to several defining factors: lack of nutrition, heredity and certain diseases, such as thyroid, pituitary, sex glands, etc.

the fastest way to the violation of the metabolism — fasting. The restructuring of the work of the body takes place instantly. The result is slow metabolism similarly, you can expect:

  • weight body
  • skin changes (not for the better),
  • swelling, bags under eyes
  • lamination and fragility of the nail plates
  • hair loss or brittle hair,
  • shortness of breath, fatigue.

it is possible and other individual consequences.

How to speed up metabolism

If you break a metabolism easier, then restore it is very difficult.

Metabolism: what is it and what is the difference between fast and slow metabolism

  1. First, it is important to establish physical activity. Important: enter the sport gradually, not Peretola yourself. In addition, will not prevent such platitudes as climbing the stairs instead of the Elevator, etc.
  2. the Second important thing is the quality of sleep. The observance of a day regimen is not less important than proper nutrition.
  3. set up the water balance, the drinking rate of fluid a day, or even a little more.
  4. Good tones, revitalizes, and strengthens health massage. I advise you to sign up for sessions to the professional. This procedure improves the flow of blood that will ensure the rapid restoration of the metabolism.
  5. to Speed up the metabolic process also helps the fresh air and sunlight. More walk, and also try breathing exercises. Read about it Rice diet for weight loss and cleansing the body.
  6. where none of the usual smiles and cheerfulness. It is not clear how, but research confirmed that metabolic processes occur faster at positive minded people.

About nutrition to mention will not. Be sure to read the article Rice diet for weight loss and cleansing the body (diet based on eating healthy food).

Diet for metabolism

In the diet, it is important to find a middle ground. Don't eat too often or too rarely. Preferably every three hours. Moreover, three meals should be complete, and the following is the snacking. Always eat Breakfast, because Breakfast plays an important role in proper metabolism, speeding up metabolism by 10%.

in the Morning it is best to eat complex carbohydrates, and proteins. Such a diet for metabolism will show better results.

Eat a light meal: yogurt, fruit, etc. Slowed metabolism, the faster you can accelerate, adding to the diet foods Rice diet for weight loss and cleansing the body list.

I Hope we fully answered the questions, what is the metabolism of simple language, what it is and how to deal with a slow metabolism. Be healthy!