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One of these five habits can greatly extend the life of

According to the statement Uliana Suprun, who performs the duties of the Minister of health of Ukraine, persons who observe at least one rule of a healthy lifestyle, living for a few years longer.

One of these five habits can greatly extend the life of

a team of scientists found, reports Suprun that there are 5 main habits. They are able to prevent many illnesses, provided daily compliance. So, the researchers identified the following habits:

  • proper nutrition
  • physical activity,
  • maintaining normal weight (derived from the first two points)
  • Smoking cessation
  • moderate alcohol consumption or complete cessation of use.

According to statistics, people with a habit to live a few years longer, and those who follow all of these instructions, live by 15 (!!!) years longer. Citizens who ignore the rules of a healthy lifestyle, often suffer from diseases of the heart and blood vessels, as well as cancer. Eventually there comes a premature death.

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it is Worth noting that it is not necessary to change your lifestyle. It is important to do everything gradually, e.g. start with small things – nutrition, rest habits "pull" themselves.