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Rice diet for weight loss and cleansing the body

In the diet of people in most countries of the world present Fig. It is not only a perfect taste of the cereal, but also with the presence in each grain nutrients needed by the body. This article tells of how using the rice diet to get rid of extra pounds and cleanse the body, without causing him harm.

Rice diet for weight loss and cleansing the body

Rice diet for weight loss

Rice diet can play a key role in the process of losing weight, but before its observance should take into consideration the following nuances.

  • Initially the extra weight out through excretion of excess fluid, because the coarse fiber cereal is a sorbent.
  • the Breakdown of fats starts in 2-3 days of dieting. To speed up the process when a physical activity in which subcutaneous fat is cleaved faster.
  • Eat a lot of rice not because it is high in calories (from 280 to 350 kcal per 100 g depending on variety).Rice diet for weight loss and detoxification
  • you Should drink 2 to 3 liters of fluid a day. This will help to avoid constipation.
  • minerals rice is especially rich in potassium, calcium. It is worth considering that it removes from the body salts of sodium. The result may be a violation of the ratio of blood electrolytes, especially in a salt-free diet. This condition is dangerous for people with diseases of the kidneys and heart, the poet survives to consult a doctor.

When all the above factors into account, it remains to choose an acceptable variant of the rice diet.

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Diet rice day

Gentle, especially for beginners, is a rice diet for the day. Additionally it is recommended соблюдать1-2 times a week to those who have reached your desired weight, but wants to preserve the result.

You will need 1 Cup of rice. It should soak in the evening in cold water, and in the morning the old drain the water and Bay grits new, bring liquid to a boil. You can boil a couple of minutes, and then rinse with cold water. The amount of cereal you need to eat during the day fractional portions, not forgetting to drink plenty of liquids. Allowed to brighten up the menu with a glass of fruit juice.

Rice diet for weight loss and detoxification

Rice diet: -10 kg per week

In the case of paddy mono to lose 10 pounds in a week not working. But it can cause General malaise. The rice is allowed to Supplement in certain products.

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Breakfast rice cereals are eaten fresh fruits. It will help to gain strength, having received the necessary minimum of glucose.

In the afternoon, in addition to rice, it is advisable to eat the first meal in a vegetable broth or soup, to which you can add greens, carrot, celery, one of the varieties of cabbage, but not potatoes. If the feeling of satiety does not occur, you can add a baked vegetable, fruit or small serving of vegetable salad.

For dinner, the rice must be supplemented to choose a portion of boiled spinach, salad vegetables and herbs green and closer to the end of the week — dried fruit. To complete the evening meal better than a Cup of a pleasant tasting herbal tea with mint, lemon balm, chamomile etc.

Breakfast in the rice, add a little lemon juice to stimulate digestion. Portion the main meals should not exceed 300-350 g, of which the share of rice — about one-third of the total.

Rice diet for weight loss and detoxification

Rice diet to cleanse the body

cleansing the body is through any of the rice diet. If you do focus on the removal of salts and toxins, rice should be consumed half-baked, complementing the green tea and herbs that provide an antioxidant effect (plantain, horsetail, corn silk, etc.). Fresh fruit, berries and vegetables is also helpful. For cleaning is completely eliminated protein foods, pastries, sweet.

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Rice diet — reviews

On the impact of the rice diet by the positive feedback.

Inna: “Tried many diets, but rice suited me perfectly. In 10 days, dropped 6 lbs, hunger is almost not there. Developed vigor, it became easier to Wake up in the morning.”

Ian: “the Rice diet has helped not only lose weight but also to get rid of osteochondrosis. Ceased to ache, the joints disappeared crunching during movement. Feel healthier and more mobile!”

Olga: “a Good diet, though the rice I boiled until tender and eaten with yogurt due to problems with the stomach. Three days — minus 2 kg.”