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Rid of blackheads on the face twenty ways

Numerous black dots are a perennial problem as the ladies and men. Mostly plugged dirt are typical teenagers, however, are often looking for ways to get rid of blackheads and adults who do not monitor their hygiene or have certain illnesses. The article presents the top twenty masks from black points.

Rid of blackheads on the face twenty ways

causes of blackheads

the Black dots are dirt that clog up in the pores of the sebaceous glands. Especially suffer from this problem people with oily skin, since then the pollution of the open pores takes place on a large scale.

the causes of blackheads are varied: ranging from unsuitable to you personally hygiene products and ending with those or other diseases. Let's take a closer look at the origins of the problem.

the Most common cause of formation of blackheads on the face makeup, which is not suitable for your skin. Also plugged comedones occur due to the use of expired cosmetics. That is why we suggest not to ignore the 6 numbers on the boxes with varying cosmetics.

in addition, do not forget about moderation: cosmetics should not be too much, as it breaks normal work of the sebaceous glands, causes allergies and makes the skin more oily. And, as a consequence, there are those black dots. Be careful with the creams in hot weather.

If you have problem skin, then you need to dig deeper in search of possible problems and should reconsider your diet. The lack of healthy food in menu will appear as tubercles on the skin, because it is a sort of mirror of all the internal systems of the body.

get Rid of blackheads on the face twenty ways

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Forget about all those greasy, spicy, and alcohol and lots of caffeine.

For healthy skin essential products such:

  • fish (contains a lot of healthy fats and oils),
  • fruits, vegetables, nuts, cereals (rich in vitamin A),
  • dairy products (facilitating the work of the digestive tract, so that the skin becomes healthy) Recommend that before going to bed drink kefir, fermented baked milk, etc.

Often causes the appearance of black spots on the face be hormone disruption. The amount of sweat and grease produced by sebaceous glands, is increased, if the blood thrown a lot of hormones, in particular testosterone (mainly a problem seen in women after the age of thirty). It is worth noting that this hormone is typical more for the male body.

to normalize the level of hormones, the first thing you need to be examined, and then follow all the doctor's instructions.

Also it is necessary to analyze the environment: perhaps in your area too hot or humid climate, or you live near a factory which regularly emits harmful compounds and dirt. These factors also cannot be ignored.

Stress is the cause not only blackheads on the face, but other diseases, though most serious. So take care, don't overwork, be sure to arrange at least one day off a week and walk in the fresh air.

How to get rid of black spots on the face

the Methods of cleaning the face a lot: special tools, scrubs, sprays, ointments, creams, plasters, etc. there are Also hardware methods to get rid of blackheads. So beauticians suggest mechanical, non-traumatic, ultrasonic skin cleaning, vacuum, scrub, etc. If you have the opportunity, I advise you to enroll in a beauty salon, a result you definitely will be satisfied.

More cheap methods to get rid of blackheads homemade face mask. They include the most common ingredients that most have in the kitchen. We offer twenty of the best masks at home.

No. 1. Recipe with baking soda and salt

  1. Connect ten grams of salt and the same of baking soda, add 1 tbsp. of gel. Mix thoroughly.
  2. Before applying the mask wash your face with a moisturizing soap. Apply it on problem areas.
  3. Rinse composition in a few minutes, after the procedure, lubricate the skin nourishing cream.

For reviews mask with baking soda and salt copes by black dots.

No. 2. Mask of blackheads with honey and lemon

get Rid of blackheads on the face twenty ways

  1. First squeeze of lemon juice, just need 50 milliliters.
  2. 50 milliliters of honey, heat in a water bath to forty degrees Celsius.
  3. Connect the two products, suggest to use a glass or ceramic container.
  4. Using a makeup brush to apply.
  5. Cover face with a towel, the total procedure time is twenty minutes.
  6. Important! Repeat the procedure at least two weeks.

No. 3. Mask recipe with oatmeal

  1. Using a grinder, grind the cereal.
  2. Add 100 ml of boiling water and a teaspoon of lemon juice.
  3. Spreading the mixture on the skin, wait until it dries. After — wash additionally clean the skin with antibacterial tonic.

Recipe №4

Buy at the pharmacy white clay, you'll need fifty grams. Mix it with 50 ml of mineral water, add a few drops of lemon juice and oils (peppermint and rosemary).

Recipe No. 5

Connect and have a glass of alcohol with 50 g of clay (exclusively white) and ten milliliters of juice. Applying the mixture on skin and wait 10 minutes, wash off with plain water.

note! Mask perfectly removes the black dots in the home, but very dry skin, so don't overdo the procedures.

Recipe №6

get Rid of blackheads on the face twenty ways

For this recipe you need to pre-prepare a tincture from the herb calendula. Combining it with black clay (also 50 grams), apply a homemade mask on the face. Keep the 15 min.

Black dots how to get rid of in the home

the Flaws on the face in the form of black spots can also be eliminated mechanically squeezing out the dirt from the pores. Hands should be wrapped with sterile gauze, so as not to contaminate it. The store has a special cosmetic spoon. However, it should be noted that in the home often appear inflammation after the procedure. Better not to risk it.

a More gentle method — evaporation. In the advanced boiling water sprinkle a bit of chamomile, sage, horsetail and yarrow. Don't hold your head over the steam for longer than 10 minutes. Over time you can repeat the procedure. After evaporation should produce mechanical cleaning of the face, the dirt from the pores will come out much easier. You can certainly use store-bought scrubs, etc.

number 7. Mask with honey to get rid of blackheads at home

If honey is frozen, warm it in a water bath. Also preheat 2 tbsp of milk. Mix these two ingredients (honey need 2 tbsp). Well treating a mixture of the face, keep the mask for half an hour.

number 8. Recipe with egg whites

after isolating the protein from the yolk, whip it with a mixer to form a foam, squeeze a little lemon juice (1 teaspoon will be enough). Apply to the face first one part of the mask, and then, when it dries, the second portion. Procedure time is 20 minutes.

get Rid of blackheads on the face twenty ways

number 9. Cold herbal mask blackheads

You need to connect spoon any herbs, particularly chamomile, calendula, sage. Pour a mixture of 200 ml of boiling water, and then pour into molds for ice, pre-strain the broth. Send in the freezer, and the next day, wipe the face with ice a couple times a day. In addition, we recommend to wash with herbal decoction.

Black spots on nose: how to remove

Recipe No. 10

Join 25 g of yeast, and five milliliters of hydrogen (three percent). Keep the mask for ten minutes, no more. After the procedure, walk in the face with ice.

number 11. Homemade face mask of blackheads with egg yolk

Whisk the whites with a mixer to form a foam, squeeze lemon juice 25 ml, add crushed to a pulp of the aloe leaves (25 grams). Apply in several layers, after 30 minutes rinse. Recommended after the procedure to moisten the skin nourishing cream.

No. 12. Rice mask

Separte 40 grams of rice, leaving for the night. In the morning drain the water and grind grain in a coffee grinder. Apply the rice in two ways: just to RUB in for ten minutes or applied to the skin for half an hour. It is important not to massage the face, if you chose the second option.

get Rid of blackheads on the face twenty ways

No. 13. Mask of sour milk to get rid of blackheads

you will Need 3 tbsp curdled milk mixed with ten drops of lemon juice. Hold the train for about twenty minutes, and then rinse with cold water.

No. 14. Corn flour milk

Mix 2 tablespoons of corn flour with warm milk. Mix well, spread some batter on the face. Wait until the mask dries, then rinse.

Mask of blackheads at home

No. 15. Vegetable mask

Grated cucumber and tomato mix, and then apply to problem areas of the skin. Keep the tool for twenty minutes.

can Also use potatoes with milk, cooked mashed potatoes. The procedure is also 20 min.

No. 16. Mask at home with oatmeal and yoghurt

Mix three tablespoons of oatmeal, 2 tbsp of yogurt, a spoon of lemon and 1 tbsp olive oil. Before the procedure wet the skin to cleanse it of higher quality. Homemade mask, rinse off after twenty minutes and just cool water.

No. 17. Tomato yogurt lemon

Mix 50 grams of tomatoes, pre-clearing skin, 2 tablespoons yogurt and the same of lemon juice. Mix all in a blender. Before applying wash your face with moisturizing soap and water, hold the mask about twenty minutes.

get Rid of blackheads on the face twenty ways

No. 18. Homemade mask to get rid of blackheads with cucumber juice and chicken godmother

Mix 25 milliliters of juice of cucumber and lemon, add a little turmeric. Apply on the face daily for 10 minutes for 2 weeks.

No. 19. Egg white sugar

Whisk one protein, adding 1 tablespoon of sugar. Apply a mask in two stages: first one part and then the second (after drying of the first portion). Procedure time install yourself (about an hour). Treat this home remedy face through the day before until the black dots disappear.

№20. Black mask against the points at home

Probably, a black mask heard everything, but not many know that it can be made at home.

cooking Options several. The most effective:

  • 3 crushed tablets of activated charcoal for 1 hour.l. sea salt 2 tsp of aloe juice and water
  • tablet of activated charcoal five milliliters natural yogurt teaspoon lemon juice
  • three grams of gelatin two activated charcoal tablets five milliliters of water.

In all cases, keep a black face mask should be twenty minutes (until dry). Before applying the advise to wash.

get Rid of blackheads on the face twenty ways

Advice on how to do home treatments

  1. To mask worked better, the skin should be sure to steam. The above described how to do it.
  2. To the pores after application of masks in the home quickly narrowed, it is necessary to wash in cold water.
  3. Hands to put money sometimes inconvenient, so use different brushes.
  4. to get rid of blackheads on face and nose, do the procedure regularly, but not daily (optimally every three days).

Because after removing the black dots are up again, to slow down the impurities stick to these rules:

  • do not use for washing of ordinary soap because hygiene only provoke bogreater production of fat,
  • do not make too rough peeling,
  • wash in the morning and in the evening a special gel designed for your skin type,
  • pay special attention to the quality of cosmetics,
  • do not sleep upside down because a clean bed is not so clean, also change your pillowcases
  • less you touch the face with dirty hands.