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Separate meals every day

Many diets that exist today are based on the hard constraints, implying the exclusion of the everyday diet of most products. But we must not forget that man is an omnivorous creature that requires food diversity. For those who do not accept severe restrictions in food, but wants to get rid of extra pounds, the alternative may be the concept of separation of power. But in order to bring the desired result without harm to health should be understood, the features, and master the simple rules of the system. This is not only read in this article.

Separate meals every day

Separate meals for every day

to Eat separately — not to eat during each meal only one product. The identification of separation of power with the mono-diet is as wrong as it is about the right combination of products or categories thereof between them. But before you decide what to use, you should get acquainted with three product groups.

  1. Protein. Everyone understands that it is food of animal origin (meat, fish, eggs, etc.). But also in this group are beans, nuts, seeds, soy, rennet cheeses and spinach, as their composition is also dominated by the protein.
  2. Carbohydrate: starch containing vegetables and cereals, sweet fruits, flour, sweets.
  3. Neutral products — a vast group, whose members contain equal parts of protein, carbohydrates, or fats. It's vegetables, dairy products, herbs, oils of different origins, the fat.

food combining every day

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the Main rule of a separate food for each day is that the first and second groups is absolutely impossible to combine due to the fact that proteins are digested for a long time under the action of alkaline digestive juices, while carbohydrates break down faster, but in an acidic environment. The neutral group is exposed to effects of acids and alkalis, so its products can be combined with protein and carbohydrate food.

none of the above categories most nutritionists can not include whole milk and melon. They are strongly advised to eat nothing. In combination with any product melon fermentation and provokes stagnation of digestion, but eaten alone is perfectly cleanses the intestines. As for milk, during digestion it is a difficult path setting. Any other product may interfere with this process, which will lead to neutralize the hydrochloric acid of the stomach and the further decay of milk protein in the gut.

food combining every day

as for the other rules, they are the same as for most rational diet:

  • the rejection of the semi-finished products, fast food and artificial sweets
  • granularity power
  • drinking regime (at least 2 liters of fluid a day).

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the Essence of separation of power

despite the fact that the essence of the concept of separation of power is simple, it is justified from a physiological point of view. During digestion the food is subjected to chemical treatment the various secrets of the gastrointestinal tract, which may be alkaline or acidic nature. If a person during eating a combination of foods which are incompatible, in the digestive tract occur processes of fermentation and pathological decay. Breaking the breakdown products for nutrients, these processes do not allow the body to receive the full amount of nutrients even from good food. While in the body accumulate toxins, wastes and cholesterol.

Observing the simple rules of food combinations, man creates optimal conditions for the gastrointestinal tract, enabling the body to extract from food the maximum benefit and output the resulting by-products.

food combining every day

Menu of a separate food for each day

to create an effective menu of a separate food for each day, adhere to the following guidelines.

  1. Breakfast should be a carbohydrate with the addition of neutral products, because day only begins and the body needs energy. Cook any porridge on water, add fruits, vegetables, or greens.
  2. Lunch involves a combination of protein groups of products neutral. You can cook meat, fish or seafood of any gentle way to Supplement their vegetable salad with vegetable oil, vegetables and thermally processed vegetables, except potatoes.
  3. Dinner it is advisable to make easy. A very “by the way” would be vegetable soups, casseroles using cheese and vegetables, steam omelettes with herbs. Accordingly, the evening meal may be carbohydrate-neutral and protein-neutral. At desire it is possible to do neutral products, but do not, as in this case, the appetite wakes up in the night.

as regards intermediate meals (lunch, snack), they are also necessary. Here the choice is wide: fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, kefir, cheese, yogurt, nuts, eggs. But it is desirable that it was one of the products listed, which will be combined with a maximum of water or green tea.

table of separation of power can see Why can't drink coffee in the morning?, and with some recipes Why can't drink coffee in the morning?.

food combining every day

food combining diet — reviews

Below are reviews of the separation power of people practicing this system:

Marina, 25 years: “For me the important thing is, I can eat almost all your favorite foods, the main thing — eat fractional and not to abuse the diet of the third group. Result proud of, because not everyone's strength for six months to lose 12 kg without much difficulty”.

Alexis, 37лет: “the diet of the Diet not that different from my everyday and familiar power, the only difference is that now all the same products I use strictly according to the scheme compatibility. The result was not long in coming. Three months lost 3 kg Slowly but surely...”

Tatyana, 48 years old: “How many different diets I tried in the pursuit of a perfect figure! Frustrated every time due to severe restrictions or drastic changes to their schedule when all day just so busy that I have to follow as not to miss the next meal. Performance with these diets is equal to zero. I've had worse, when I dieted with always haunted me with the feeling of hunger. Neither the results nor the pleasure of such power... is Quite another thing with a separate power supply. Eating fractionally, almost in what does not refuse to eat even 2 hours before bedtime. The diet does not harm the wallet, which is important in our time. In the last two or three months, I began to reinforce output and classes in the hall. The result is obvious — a year ago I weighed 74 kg and now my weight less than 60 kg. Joy there is no limit. All the ladies who suffer from excess weight, definitely recommend to try the principle of separation of power”.