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The best masks for hair loss at home

Many girls and women improperly take care of their hair, as a result they become brittle, begin to fall, etc. to Restore the health of the hair will help homemade mask for strengthening of hair, they will be discussed. However, it is worth Recalling that it is better to prevent the problem than to look for ways to solve it.

The best masks for hair loss at home

Main causes of hair problems

List of error can be very long, but chief among them are the following: poor diet, diseases, constant stress, improper maintenance (use of funds that do not fit your hair, improper brushing, going out in the cold season without cap) etc.

All these factors together make your hair weak, hair becomes unhealthy.

First of all, wash your hair about two times a week (that is enough). Use shampoo only for your hair type, and no other. In addition, we recommend after washing to rinse hair decoction of herbs that have a beneficial effect on the skin (e.g., foliage, burdock, nettle, calendula). Rinsing is not necessary water from the tap, in the same way as for washing. Use a home filter to reduce the amount of metals in the liquid.

Best masks for hair loss at home

Mask for hair loss at home improve blood circulation, make the hair elastic and strong. Your hair will definitely get healthy.

Masks against hair loss: recipes

For starters, it is important to note that certain masks will not be suitable for every lady, because there were only recipes for oily hair, dry, brittle, etc. There are, of course, and universal mask. The following instructions preparation home remedies for hair loss for all types of hair.

oily hair

Mask of parsley

  1. Prepare a bunch of greens and a tablespoon of castor oil.
  2. Using a coffee grinder or blender, grind the parsley to a pulp. Then add the oil.
  3. Before you RUB the tool into the hair, you must wash and dry hair. Be sure to wear upon the head a plastic bag.

Mask from hair loss on the basis of oak bark and onion peel

You will need:

  • slice rye bread crumb,
  • a tablespoon of oak bark,
  • spoon the chaff,
  • two cups of boiling water.

a homemade mask for the hair following.

  1. Combine in saucepan bark, onion peels and hot water, put the pot on the fire. Once the water comes to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for about 15 minutes.
  2. Strain the broth. Next in a separate bowl, pour bread the amount of water to make a slurry.
  3. Treating a clean, slightly damp hair with a decoction, a head wrap, a bag and wear a hat.
  4. after half an hour rinse off with warm water.

homemade Egg mask for hair loss

Best masks for hair loss at home

You will need:

  • spoon burdock oil,
  • 10 grams dry yeast
  • a glass of brandy,
  • two tablespoons warm water
  • lemon juice,
  • one egg.

Recipe here.

  1. Combine the yeast with warm water, mix well. Then add remaining ingredients.
  2. Massage gently spread the mixture all over the scalp, can also to the hair itself.
  3. to create the thermic effect, wrap around the head tube, top and scarf.

Recipe using the firming mask on the basis of garlic and honey

Prep the following:

  • one egg yolk
  • lime teaspoon of liquid honey,
  • a teaspoon of aloe juice and lemon
  • garlic clove, crushed in a coffee grinder.

Recipe homemade masks for hair loss is as follows.

  1. Combine all ingredients, mix thoroughly (preferable to use a blender.
  2. Apply to the head, the instruction is similar to the above written recipe.
  3. Rinse the egg mixture in half an hour.

Mask from falling out dry hair at home

Tool on the basis of onion juice

You will need:

  • honey
  • mayonnaise,
  • olive oil
  • onion juice.

Best masks for hair loss at home

All the ingredients take 1 tbsp. l., with the exception of juice from a bow. It will need 100 ml.

  1. Mix all ingredients of the mask, and then apply to hair. Use the comb to process each hairs. Also the mixture should be well rubbed into the hair roots.
  2. treatment Time – an hour, don't forget to put on his head a plastic bag.

Banana mask for hair


  • one banana
  • teaspoon of liquid honey,
  • three tablespoons of sour cream
  • one egg yolk.


  1. the Banana should be mashed in an enamel pot, you can grind in a blender.
  2. Add the remaining ingredients, mix well.
  3. apply a Remedy as the scalp and hair.
  4. Keep the mask from hair loss or fifty minutes, on your head put a bag and a hat.
  5. At the end just rinse.

Recipe oil mask

Contribute to the strengthening of the hair is also a mask made from a variety of oils.

  1. Take in equal proportions (a tablespoon) of castor, almond and olive oil.
  2. heat the mixture in a water bath.
  3. Apply the product on hair, massage well into the scalp. On top put the tea bag and wrap with a scarf.
  4. treatment Time is one hour.

Universal mask for hair loss

recipes with aloe

You will need:

  • two spoons of aloe juice,
  • yolks,
  • spoon calendula oil,
  • tincture on the basis of hot pepper (one tablespoon)
  • teaspoon of vitamin A,
  • 1 tsp. of vitamin E.

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  1. mix All the ingredients and then apply on hair, massage well into the hair roots.
  2. treatment Time is one hour. Later the mask rinse with plain water.

Mustard hair mask

Best masks for hair loss at home

Prep the following components:

  • 2 tbsp dry mustard
  • 2 tbsp of burdock oil, but can be any other
  • one teaspoon sugar
  • one egg yolk.

the instructions are simple: mix all the ingredients and then apply on the head. Important! Do not treat the hair, RUB cream into the scalp, otherwise you can overdry the hair.

Keep the tool head from 15 minutes to one hour (depends on individual tolerance).

it is Worth noting that mustard mask not only strengthens the hair but also promotes their growth.

hair from falling out at home with henna

To prepare you need only two ingredients: spoon of henna powder and half a Cup of hot water.

Connect the powder with water, stir well until smooth and let cool. Then apply onto scalp and hair. Rinse off after 20 minutes. It is important before the procedure to wash my hair.