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The best tablet from worms to humans

Perhaps, in the fight against worms is the most difficult to detect the disease than to treat it. Today pharmacies sell hundreds of funds from worms, so you will definitely be able to find a possible cure. Some effective tools reviewed in this article.

The best tablet from worms to humans


Visually identify the infection, of course, is almost impossible. Usually a person loses weight drastically, the skin becomes pale, deteriorating overall health. Also common symptom is itching in the anal area.

in addition, the possible consequences of infection with worms,

  • digestive problems ( Color diet for weight loss, nausea, constipation), gastrointestinal disorders. This point is relevant for the parasites, leading activity in the intestine
  • disorders of the nervous system connected with the discharge of toxins parasites. Usually there are headaches, sleep disturbances, nervousness, etc.
  • sometimes allergic reactions and rash, but rarely enough,
  • the decline of the immune system, so people can often hurt.

How to operate a tablet from worms?

it is Foolish to believe that all means are the same. Some medications inhibit glycolysis in parasites, resulting worms appear naturally during the day, others disrupt glucose metabolism, parasites in this case are dying from hunger. Some drugs reduce the muscles the worms or cause neuromuscular blockade.

Best tablets from worms to humans

Worms during pregnancy

a Pregnant woman is much easier to get infected because the immune system is weakened. If you think you have worms, don't run immediately to the pharmacy. First consult your doctor. It was found that a tablet from worms or various suspension can cause disease in children.

it is Important to note that during the formation of the child's organs (first trimester) treatment for worms is prohibited.

the Best prevention of helminths – hygiene, which was taught all in kindergarten.

Pregnant women can only take Piperazine pills twice a day an hour before food 2 g in two days. If you are dealing with pinworms, the course of treatment, increase to 5 days.

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Tablet for prevention of worms

Not all doctors recommend to prevent, however, in our opinion, it is still better to carry out a couple of times a year, especially if you have Pets or conectarse earth children/relatives. In the latter case, it can also be husband is a fisherman, etc. To prevent fit a tablet from worms wide spectrum of action.

  • Worm (200 /100 UAH.): taken 1 per day during the meal, you need a good chew. The duration of treatment to three days. Contraindications: pregnancy, breastfeeding.Best tablets from worms to humans
  • Vermoxum (100 /50 grn.): kills all round of parasites such as ascarids. For prevention, take one tablet once. Contraindications: pregnancy, stomach ulcer, Crohn's disease, hepatic failure, lactation.Best tablets from worms to humans
  • Dekaris (70 /35 UAH).: is used to destroy many worms, for preventive purposes, take 1 tablet after a meal. Contraindications: pregnancy, hepatic or renal failure, agranulocytosis.Best tablets from worms to humans
  • Pyrantel (40 /20 UAH).: in addition to the parasites themselves, and these pills for prevention of worms also cope with the larvae. Enough to make 1pc. once. Contraindications: pregnancy, myasthenia gravis, and individual sensitivity.Best tablets from worms to humans

Pills from worms to humans

presented Above medicines suitable for treatment of worms. It should also highlight the following medications.

  • Nematol (170 /80 UAH).: if you have purchased the tablets, then take them for 1-10 days (decided by doctor) 1 each during meals, in the case of a suspension the treatment lasts three days, make the necessary times daily during the meal. Contraindications: lactation, pregnancy, impaired liver function, or eye insufficient number of leukocytes in the blood.Best tablets from worms to humans
  • Helmintox (130 /60 UAH.): taken as the last means, only depending on the body mass. A suspension of 12.5 ml per 1 kg of weight, tablets — 125 ml per kilogram. Contraindications: renal insufficiency, myasthenia gravis, pregnancy.Best tablets from worms to humans
  • Dekaris (70 /35 UAH).: before sleep should drink one time, 150 grams means an adult, children — 50 g (3-6 years), 75 g (6-10 years), 100 g (10-14 years). Contraindications: agranulocytosis, renal or hepatic failure, pregnancy, age (three years).
  • Albendazole (170 /80 UAH).: the duration of treatment and dosage depends on what parasites you are infected. If it is worms, then take once 400 mg funds (children — 60 mg), cysticercus head pulp — 800 mg of the medication daily for 8-30 days (children 15 mg/1 kg), ascariasis/enterobiasis/hookworm — 400 mg once for adults and 200 mg of children, in the case of infection with giardiasis, take 400 mg of means for three days (children — 200 mg). Contraindications: lactation, pregnancy, age (two years).Best tablets from worms to humans

How to give a tablet from worms

Especially carefully it is necessary to follow the proportions, if the worms were found in the child. Sometimes it happens that a person infected by several species of parasites. In this case indispensable a tablet from worms wide spectrum of action. As a rule, almost all funds are accepted during meal.

  • Citized (250 /110 UAH.): the duration of treatment and dose prescribed by the doctor. Contraindications: cysticercosis of the eye, hypersensitivity, pregnancy.Best tablets from worms to humans
  • Biltricid (650 /300 UAH): accepted by 40-75 mg per 1 kilogram mass within two days. Contraindications: lactation,cysticercosis of the eye, intolerance, pregnancy.