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The best vitamins for pregnant women

Vitamins play a major role in laying the embryo. But should they be taken? Or my mom enough that she consumes with food? Today we are going to find out.

The best vitamins for pregnant women

whether pregnant vitamins

Before talking about specific compounds and their effects, is to find out which vitamins are crucial during pregnancy.

  • B9 or folic acid. Without it, the situation is the nervous system of the fetus. This vitamin determines the normal development of the placenta, minimizes possible defects of the embryo, miscarriage and missed abortion.
  • And. Promotes the formation of bone tissue, mucous membranes and the retina, is required for the formation of blood cells.
  • With. Required to enhance immunity, facilitates the absorption of iron.
  • E. Like vitamin a, important for healthy blood circulation. Vitamin E is important for the development of the placenta, normal blood clotting. It prevents anemia and helps the formation of the baby's lungs.
  • Calcium. Vital for the formation of bone tissue and of the skin, eyes, connective tissues. Calcium is necessary for the formation of the internal organs.
  • Zinc. Without zinc the impossible bookmark of the immune system of the child.
  • Iodine. Iodine deficiency, usually seen at all, but pregnant women especially. Iodine is necessary for thyroid gland, also it is considered as one of the key trace elements for laying the Central nervous system.
  • Iron. Exclude anemia, transportorul oxygen to the fetus.

Vitamins— it is also a medicine, so no need to take them at their own discretion without consulting a doctor (obstetrician-gynaecologist or a therapist)! Dry facts:

  • vitamin a is important for eyes, etc., but exceeding 5,000 units resulting in toxic damage to the fetus,
  • if the vitamin D a little more higher than normal, the baby's head stops growing (there is microcephaly).

Therefore, only a doctor prescribes certain monovalency or their complexes. The dosage for each woman individually. We will just give you normal vitamins for women who bears a child.

Best prenatal vitamins

of these trace elements is seen that most future mothers need calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron.

Doctors say that every pregnant woman all need vitamins, especially if more than half of pregnancy occurs in the spring and summer months when there's plenty of natural vitamins. However, it is worth considering the following point: if the second pregnancy occurred two years after the previous, vitamins required. It is important to drink vitamins at the same time to have their blood levels remained stable.

On the forums, there are many opponents of synthetic vitamins. According to “experts” instead of purchase of formulations is better to buy natural vitamins. Perhaps these commentators all have dachas with vegetable gardens, in the city it is simply impossible to buy quality food.

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How to define lack of vitamins in the body

In the modern world to provide the average person with signs of avitaminosis is very difficult, after all, is not the time. Given this, the lack of vitamins is unlikely the skin will begin to peel off, and the eyesight to deteriorate until blindness. Signs of shortage of items, usually indirect:

  • fatigue,
  • weakness,
  • uncharacteristic dry skin
  • change the nail plate, hair, etc.

Best prenatal vitamins

What vitamins needed by trimesters

First trimester

This is a period of 12 weeks is characterized by the formation of the child's organs and laying down the nervous system of the fetus. These processes proceeded normally, you should take folic acid (vitamin B9).

Moms feel lethargy, nausea, breast pain and frequent urination, also frequent nervous breakdowns. To alleviate the condition will help vitamin B6, but it can be drunk only from the eighth week of pregnancy and only in combination with magnesium.

Exciting question: what vitamins for pregnant women in the first trimester? Doctors suggest the following.

  1. Folic acid. Vitamin B9 to prevent the detachment of the placenta and miscarriage. Application: one pill a day. It is important to note that folic acid should be taken with other vitamins.
  2. Elevit pronatal — the best vitamins for pregnant women according to many women. Recommended if there is a threat of miscarriage. By the way, these vitamins contain all necessary vitamins and minerals required in the first trimester (B9, A, E, PP, I5, iron, phosphorus, zinc, Biotin and others). To take one Elevit tablet daily, course of treatment determined by the physician. More detail about these vitamins can read . On the forum some ladies suffer from nausea from the ascorbic acid and heartburn.Best prenatal vitamins
  3. Femibion NATALCARE I. These vitamins are cheaper than the Once in three times. Distinctive features: folic acid is replaced metafolin, which is easily absorbed by the body. Only includes nine vitamins and iodine. Dosage: tablet daily.Best prenatal vitamins

Second trimester

To 16 weeks, the organs and vital systems of the child are already formed, begins to form the placenta through which the fetus breathes and eats. The belly becomes rounder, so it is important to monitor the condition of the skin as stretch marks.

the Child at 12 weeks in need of vitamin D, lack of which may result in intrauterine rickets. Also requires vitamin E for normal growth of the baby. From minerals doctors often prescribe calcium and iron, as their reserves are almost completely spent on the formation of the skeleton and of blood cells child.

the Recommended vitamins in the second trimester.

  1. Femibion NATALCARE II. The manufacturer of these vitamins has created a composition for the second trimester. It includes the following minerals and vitamins: B6 (for normal protein metabolism), B12 (nervous system), B9, it's being made, iodine, etc. In pack of 30 tablets and as many capsules to take of their need for each other once a day.Best prenatal vitamins
  2. Vitrum Prenatal Forte. In addition to the standard components, it includes iodine, iron and magnesium in high doses. Composition: eight minerals, five acids and seven vitamins. Drink capsule daily.Best prenatal vitamins


Third trimester

the Last months of gestation experts recommend taking calcium, iron, and vitamins B6 and E, in order to prevent the children falling back in development. Recommended for purchase vitamins.

  1. alphabet Trimestrul 3. Characterized by a rich composition of vitamin B9, iron, iodine, selenium, lutein, etc. pill per day after a meal.Best prenatal vitamins
  2. Alphabet mother's Health. According to the reviews on the forums, this composition helps to move the latter months of pregnancy. A distinctive feature of the Alphabet: separation of elements in separate tablets, which differ in color. So, in the box there are white pills, blue and yellow. The first one contains Biotin, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins five, the second— helpful antioxidants, and some iron, vitamin B9 and some other substances.Best prenatal vitamins

I Hope we answered the question of what to buy vitamins at different stages of pregnancy.

Vitamins for pregnant women reviews

it Is understood that different formulations have different effects on the body. Hence the conflicting reviews. Below are some opinions of moms who are successfully postpone pregnancy.

Best prenatal vitamins

Best prenatal vitamins

Best prenatal vitaminsBest prenatal vitamins


Best prenatal vitamins

Best prenatal vitamins

Best prenatal vitamins

Best prenatal vitamins