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The technique is intuitive eating: losing weight without dieting

To eat any products and to lose weight seems to be something incompatible, but in fact it is real.Discover a truly revolutionary method of Stephen Hokama.

The technique is intuitive eating: losing weight without dieting

Steven hawks, American Professor, is also suffering from excess weight, refused various diets. In the end, he lost a whopping 22 pounds, eating any kind of food that he wanted. The secret to such impressive results lies in its own method, consisting in intuitive eating.

Stephen notes that you starve yourself or significantly reduce your diet is not the solution. For weight loss enough to feel your body and follow true desires. That is allowed to eat and sweet and fried and starchy foods, but only when you really wish to have.

Many people confuse hunger with emotional needs. She had some sort of grief — running to seize all great pizza. Or a certain achievement, “mark” How to remove fat from the abdomen and back at home.

it is Worth noting that you need to give the body full freedom: what wants your body, let and get, even if it's fast food, etc. Infinite choice will allow the body to determine the right food that would contain all the necessary elements for normal functioning.

Method intuitive eating: losing weight without dieting

Before you start the meal, ask yourself the question, why now you decided to eat. If the inner voice will respond that you are hungry, all right. It is important not to make long breaks between meals, to avoid relapse and overeating. If you feel that you ate, and the plate still has food, do not try the whole “push” in itself, it is better to leave for later.

Also necessary to consider such moment as the intake of food “for the company”. If you do not experience hunger, then absolutely give up snacking, otherwise nothing in terms of weight loss will not work.