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What is Hematogen and what's its use?

Many have heard about the extract, but few know what kind of treatment the treat and what it is all created. Today we look at what is Hematogen, how much it is, children and adults and which are contraindicated.

What is Hematogen and what's its use?

First of all, we should say that the extract is biologically active additive (BAA), which aims to fill the iron reserves in human body and improve his health. So, the candy, similar to toffee, used to treat anemia and to strengthen the immune system.

the story of the product

Two centuries ago a doctor by the name of Sergei Botkin found that human health depends on the quality of his blood. Deficiency of hemoglobin leads to a General weakening and disruption of critical functions.

In the nineteenth century, physicians and scientists from around the world began to look for a tool that would have increased the proportion of hemoglobin in the blood (an important protein that transports oxygen around the body). Effective solution appeared in Switzerland in 1890 in this country was opened Hematogen, which immediately gained wild popularity among the population.

Over time the BAD production improved in the USSR. Manufacturers supplied the product weakened soldiers during world war II, and after the war completely redefined the approach to the Supplement, so that was an interesting and ordinary people who in most cases were anaemic owing to malnutrition.

a New recipe has turned Hematogen in the bar with a pleasant taste. The sweetness is perfect for tea, plus distinguished low cost. Later SUPPLEMENTS enriched with vitamins, contributes to a better absorption of iron.

What is Hematogen and what's its use?

over time, appeared on the shelves products that looks very similar to the Hematogen and have an almost identical name (“Hemagen”, for example), but they lack the medicinal effect. Such products do not contain key substances— albumin. Fake tiles are almost indistinguishable from the original in taste, but have no effect on the body.

the Composition of Hematogen

Active substance of the product is albumin. Outwardly rich in iron like albumin powder, which is soluble in the liquid. Get a substance purified from bovine blood. The use of whole blood ceased in 1950

According to GOST, in the product Soudriette:

  • 5% albumin,
  • 33% milk
  • 21% of the syrup from starch
  • 0.015% of vanilla,
  • 40% of sugar.

vitamins a and C. Minerals: K, CA, Na, Cl.

Since manufacturers are allowed to change the ratio of components and add new components, we suggest to read carefully what is Hematogen. There are times when supposedly I was doing and confectionary.

What is Hematogen and what's its use?

In the candy bar may contain other products, such as nuts or dried fruit.

Use of Hematogen and its pharmacological action

dietary Supplement contains high-grade proteins, carbohydrates and fats, the ratio of which is close to the composition of human blood. Protein nourishes the body with all the amino acids for normal functioning, and in the right amounts.

the Use of Hematogen:

  • enriches the body with iron,
  • improves the production of blood,
  • improves the functioning of organs with amino acids
  • strengthens the nails, the hair, improves the condition of the skin due to the presence of vitamin A, plus, supports visual acuity,
  • strengthens the immunity, improves body tone,
  • excludes depletion,
  • vital .

How can I have children

Pediatricians often prescribe SUPPLEMENTS to children as prevention of anemia or to treat it. Symptoms of iron deficiency:

  • pale skin
  • brittle nails hair
  • irritability,
  • confusion,
  • change preferences in meal,
  • changes in the perception of odours
  • drowsiness
  • headaches,
  • problems with swallowing
  • dryness in the mouth.

What is Hematogen and what's its use?

there are cases when people with anemia began to eat chalk or search for smell of gasoline, which they suddenly became pleasant.

the extract can be used for the treatment of iron deficiency and its prevention.

5-15 g daily norm for children under the age of eighteen years. Every year the demand for iron increases. Doctors say that the anemia in children is possible even at birth if the mother's body, there was a shortage of the element.

the extract is recommended at school age, when the body burden is extremely high. Plus, the product prevents physical backlog.

Benefits for men

minimum Daily iron for adult men is ten milligrams. According to statistics, the male half of the population less likely to suffer from anemia. Periodic supplementation helps to cope with daily stress at work, fatigue, lethargy and shortness of breath.

Benefits for women

the rate of iron for girls is higher than for men: she is 15 mg/day, and in the period of carrying a child or lactation 20 mg/day. More than 60% of women at least once suffered from iron deficiency. The explanation is simple: monthly iron comes from the blood, moreover in large quantity. In addition, very often ladies follow newfangled diets are generally unbalanced.

she is able not only to strengthen health but also to improve the condition of hair, skin, nails. A girl from regular use BAD becomes less irritable and weepy.

Doctors often prescribe drugs to pregnant women.

What is Hematogen and what's its use?

Indications for use of Hematogen

  1. an Unbalanced diet, regular consumption of fast food and other “wrong” foods.
  2. Chronic disease, particularly gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer.
  3. decreased vision.
  4. dryness of the skin, a poor penny.
  5. Brittle nails and hair.
  6. Anemia.
  7. Lack of appetite.
  8. Poisoning.
  9. retarded growth.

Who should not use Supplement are there any side effects

the extract should not take with hypersensitivity and in case of violation of carbohydrate balance. In addition, due to the presence in the product of sugar, it is contraindicated for diabetics and .

the Possible negative effects of use supplements: nausea and diarrhea.