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Xenical for weight loss instructions for use

Xenical is the drug for weight loss, which has earned considerable popularity. This medicine against obesity and excess weight advise their patients, many dietitians. Today we take a look at what are the features of the tools.

Xenical for weight loss instructions for use

Benefits and harms of xenical

Positive aspects

so the positive actions can include:

  • reduction of drug absorbed calories. The drug is not absorbed in the lymph, so there is no addiction, etc.
  • nearly one-third of entering the body back fat excreted together with feces.

due to less income fat the body will begin to spend their resources, and that will cause rapid weight loss.

xenical belongs to the pills that are prescribed for a long time. The drug has no serious impact on the body because its action takes place exclusively in the stomach and small intestines.

xenical slimming usage instructions

Scientific studies have proven that the dose of the drug is completely removed in a few days. Components of xenical: gelatin, titanium dioxide and Indigo Carmine.

Negative impact xenical contraindications

Not recommended the use of the drug to people who suffer from cholestasis and chronic malabsorption.

some people may experience hypersensitivity of the drug, xenical is prohibited to pregnant women.

while taking xenical, patients may experience the following side effects:

  • oily feces,
  • emission of gases with a small allocation of faeces in small quantity,
  • increased frequency of bowel movements or nausea,
  • steatorrhea
  • flatulence
  • diarrhea (the treatment of diarrhea read 10 findings, which came while lose weight),
  • tingling in stomach,
  • some uncomfortable feelings in the abdominal area.

these symptoms are unable to emerge stronger, if the body will come from food a lot of fat. That is why the diet is a prerequisite for cure.

As a General rule, losing weight is not observed more than one symptom that can not but rejoice.

xenical slimming usage instructions

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xenical: instructions for use

Taking the pills xenical can be no more than three times a day during meals. If the next meal had no fat, the drug can be used.

xenical is Issued exclusively by the physician, self-medication is not encouraged. To change the dose exclusively a doctor. But it is worth noting that a special side effects overdose have been identified.

xenical: analogues

Perfect analogues xenical yavlyayutsya:

  • Listat,
  • alli,
  • Csinaltam,
  • Allimax,
  • Orsoten,
  • Ortosan slim.

xenical: price in pharmacies

the Price of the drug is rather strong bite. 21 capsule costs about 650 rubles (250 UAH). Some dieters are not able to pay the money for the medication that is prescribed for one month. A unique exit in such situation — to buy counterparts.

xenical: slimming reviews

Maria: "Taking xenical for about 4 years. Previously weighed 75 kgs at growth of 160 cm. Today my weight is 64 kg, I especially do not sit on diets and exercise. In General, the drug is effective".

Zoe: "I use xenical as help tool in itself, the medicine has no stunning effect, and it is understood. Plus drug — it's approved for diabetics, my brother only with the help of xenical and losing weight."

Elena: "I was forced to take urgent measures, as is very much out of shape. Dietician advised xenical. I want to note the effectiveness of the drug, now I have changed beyond recognition."