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90 days of separation of power

Separation of power is based on the principle of separate use of proteins from carbohydrates because of different conditions for their digestion. If you mix these two elements, the food stagnates in the stomach, starting to“wander”. In the end, the useful minerals and vitamins are not absorbed. It provokes the deposition of slag on the walls of the intestinal tract, which leads to obesity. Diet, designed for 90 days of separate power supply will enable you to lose unwanted pounds in the long term that is more useful to consolidate the results.

90 days of separation of power

90 day diet of a separate food

As we can see from the title, the diet lasts for 90 days. All this time, it is necessary to observe a mode of eating in which the proteins are used separately from carbohydrates. But, unlike other techniques, during this diet allowed to eat flour.
90 days separation of power

the Principle of 90-day diet of a separate food is the alternation of a special four-day cycle. In each of these days eat food of certain groups – protein, starchy, carbohydrate and vitamin. When the cycle ends, repeat it again, and every 29th day to do fasting – you can only drink water without any additives. Starting this diet, you need to reduce the consumption of salt, which retains fluid in the body, but the water you need to drink about 2 liters a day.

it is Also recommended to include in the day of physical load in the form of gymnastics, morning exercises, Jogging, walking. Physical activity will facilitate fat burning, and also lead the muscles in tone.

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90 days separate food menu

Starting this diet, remember that it must be complied with in full as failure after 3-4 weeks fraught with rapid return to the discarded weight. As with many diets, there is a list of permitted products. They need to prepare meals.

90 days separation of power

the First day of the diet is the protein, during which you can eat: fish, eggs, dairy products, meat, cheese, cottage cheese, vegetables (but not potatoes), soups, whole-wheat bread. Starch is the second day and can contain any legumes and cereals, vegetables and soups based on them, whole grain bread. The third is a carbohydrate a day, allowing flour products, various cereals, vegetables, no yeast cakes (without eggs and milk), cake or biscuits (for dinner), and dark chocolate. The series finishes with a vitamin a day: fresh fruit and soaked dried fruit, nuts, fruit or vegetable juices, seeds.

As we can see, on the basis of such products, you can build quite a varied menu. But the Breakfast menu 90 days of separation of power have to be the same, namely: 1 tbsp. berries and 1-2 fruit to choose from.It should be remembered that it is better to cook steamed, boiled or baked. If possible, vegetables and fruits, eat raw, because it preserves maximum amounts of vitamins.

90 days separation of power
The small portion throughout the day is the Breakfast consisting of berries and fruits. At lunch you can eat a serving of more, but dinner should be consumed a portion equal to half of the dining.The dinner should be high at 8 PM. As a snack you can eat 1фрукту. Ban tea or coffee in this diet does not exist, but they must be without sugar.

90-day food combining diet: reviews

Those who once tried the diet on himself, argue that in this way it is possible to lose up to 25 kg. it is Worth noting that such an impressive weight will go away for quite a long time, so the damage to the body will not. Also because of the duration of a diet get used to eating this way and keep A new mobile application informs the ambulance about the sudden heart attack of the owner already in everyday life that the most favorable impact on the body.

the 90-day separate nutrition celebrated the restoration of metabolism, cleansing of the body. Stops uncontrolled craving for sweet and oily, the body gets used to eat right. Also produces useful habit to think about what and when to eat.