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Arch interior door (diversity)

It is worth noting that arches evoke a sense of spaciousness and comfort, and also carry comfort and the spirit of antiquity. Arched openings is smoothed by the same strict functionality of "standard" will fit seamlessly into your modern interior apartment or house.

Arch interior door (diversity)

the Arch are various forms of the arch. Arches of the Romanesque type classic semi-circular.

the size of the opening of the wall: width from 780 to 1560 mm, height 2190 mm, depth up to 180mm.

a Distinctive feature of this arch is the presence of pilasters and capitals, given that there are no frames. This arch install is usually in-line spaces to delimit space.

the size of the opening of the wall: width from 965 to 1075 mm, height up to 2495мм.

This arch has a decorative casing and equipped with additional decorative elements, which decorate appearance of the arch, increase the specified dimensions (width up to 2125 mm and a height of 2875 mm.)

Arches for interior doors (diversity)

Rectangular type arch gives the feeling of openness of space and light. The decorative squares arches describe the elegance of the opening.

the Arch is light enough to install by the right angle of the arch, which in turn allows you to install arch without sewing corners. Arch is perfect for apartments and modern layout.

In the production of arches used materials:

1.MDF (unpainted or painted )

2.MDF veneered oak

Modular design provides mounting of the arch into the opening in the wall of almost any size. Standard kit includes all necessary components for quick and easy installation. In order to decorate the arch, or to increase its specified dimensions, it is possible to buy decorative elements:


2)the rods