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Body wraps for weight loss to remove belly and flanks

How many types of wraps exist... But the goal of all procedures is the same — to remove fat from problem areas, to make the skin soft and supple. In today's article we will talk about home body wraps: useful properties and contraindications, the best recipes and rules of procedure at home.

Body wraps for weight loss to remove belly and flanks

Who is helpful wrap for the abdomen and what are the contraindications

Do body wraps at home all students: the procedure is fast, effective and, importantly, cheap. To perform wrapping, it is necessary first to determine the recipe of the mixture. Thus, the base can be with honey, clay, etc. there are many Options, the best recipes presented below.

don't forget to buy plain plastic wrap to wrap it problem areas of the body. In our case it is the abdomen and flanks. Suggest use a scarf to better sweat.

after half an hour, removing from a compress, take a warm shower. That's all, nothing complicated, so it's not necessary to go to beauty salons.

Contraindications, without them anywhere. I do not advise to make wraps at home if:

  • skin fungus
  • damage to the skin, which mixture may penetrate into the lymph,
  • there is purely female trouble (only wraps belly and sides),
  • cancer,
  • often allergic reactions
  • there are diseases of the heart and blood vessels. This also applies to people who are predisposed to such diseases.

we should also mention pregnant women, which the home wraps for belly and sides completely contraindicated. But to produce such procedures, for example, on the legs, it is possible.

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Wrap slimming belly: important tips

you can't just spontaneously make the procedure, everything you need to prepare.

first, don't eat before wrapping the house, as it will become bad (a film very hot, plus the material itself may be too tight).

second, after the wrap, drink a few cups of water to replenish lost liquid came out then.

body Wraps for weight loss to remove belly and flanks

third, no routines at home for weight loss, if you more, because they can cause a fever.

fourth, use only fresh mix. Weight for body wraps, which lay for weeks in the fridge or what is not good.

fifth, before to make wraps at home for weight loss belly and sides, clean the skin scrub.

Sixthly, treat the skin with the cooked mass is carefully, do not regret it. The layer should be sufficient.

In the seventh, only then you can remove the stomach and hips, when you make homemade body wraps regularly, at least 10 times per month.

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eighth, the wrapped film is not enough. Additionally cuddle up with a scarf to feel warm. Only under such conditions can quickly lose weight.

in the ninth, before applying the mass suggest a massage. This is optional, but the blood circulation will definitely improve, and cells aktiviziruyutsya.

Home belly wrap with honey

body Wraps for weight loss to remove belly and flanks

a product like honey, useful for both body and skin. If you regularly make honey homemade body wraps for weight loss, you will notice positive changes: the skin becomes elastic, will remove some of the defects.

You need to prepare a sufficient amount of honey to paint a thick layer of body. Be sure to heat the product.

the Time of the procedure is 30 minutes, then rinse the honey with warm water.

Clay body wrap at home

Clay is a very popular tool in cosmetology. Clay wraps speed up metabolism, normalizes blood circulation and the skin will become soft and tender.

Homemade wraps for weight loss belly and sides make using clay in powder form. This product is sold usually in pharmacies.

body Wraps for weight loss to remove belly and flanks

You must first prepare a slurry by combining clay with water. If you wish, you can add seaweed. They are also sold in pharmacies.

Wraps for belly at home: recipe fruit

Beautifully rejuvenate and promote weight loss fruit wraps at home. The recipe is very simple: in blender, grind all the fruits, and then add the heavy cream or cream. A thick layer apply this mixture on the abdomen and flanks. It is important that the mass was thick enough, as otherwise, begins to flow.

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Other recipes of homemade body wraps to remove belly fat and hips

In the salons are actively offering body wraps using algae. Of course, the main ingredient is difficult, but the result is worth it.

Such procedures in the home are of two types: hot and cold. The first option is perfectly struggling with orange crust and removes the fat. And the second method helps to improve the condition of the epidermis.

ask the pharmacy kelp. Bringing them home, place in a container of water. Algae needs a good swell. Once that happens, you can apply kelp to the problem areas of the body. As you can see, it's simple.