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Classic style fireplace

No one wants to in his house was awkward, ugly and uncomfortable. Any homeowner is always concerned about how to make the situation a further element of comfort.

Classic style fireplace

however, he is really trying to new an object not only performs its function, but also in harmony with the space.

One such element is the fireplace, to get warm and to talk business around which a dream of every man. However, to pastime by the fireplace did not cause any inconvenience, it is important not only to choose a model that will efficiently heat the room, but also to properly perform its finish.

the Most common option is a fireplace in classic style which will fit in with What is classic style? First of all, this fireplace set in brick, stone and concrete homes. You can set this in the bedroom opposite the bed and in the living room.

Classic style of fireplace

At a distance of one meter from him, usually placed a small table, which can be conveniently placed, for example, a coffee pot with a couple cups of coffee. Near the table are two elegant chairs or soft, expensive chairs to rest in them, people feel as comfortable as possible.

This kind of fireplace has a broad rectangular firebox with sliding glass door. The sides and front (facade) finished with the marble or natural stone. Depending on the color space, the color of the marble can be white, brown or emerald.

from above the fireplace to make a decorative panel with fireproof materials, but still just above a small wooden Cabinet with two opening doors. On the side of the fireplace, about 1.5-2 m, you can put a beautiful dark stool on which to place any plant.

You just have to Stoke the fire, throw wood and listen to their muffled crackling sound while burning.