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Drying body for girls at home

Now which month do weight training, and the desired relief and the silhouette does not appear? Perhaps your results are "hidden" behind the subcutaneous fat, which becomes a burden for many of losing weight. Today we will touch on the topic of drying the body, way to quickly (about a month) to get rid of subcutaneous fat, leaving the lean muscle mass unaltered.

Drying body for girls at home

Drying body for girls at home

so, drying is a full, but a gradual rejection of carbohydrates — energy source for the body. The analysis is performed aerobic exercise (Jogging, Cycling, etc.), as well as strength training. But about all under the order.

Fat is a result of an overabundance of glucose, which in turn is a simple carbohydrate. Consequently in order to obtain the desired shape, you need to adjust the menu. Once you do, the body will begin to "pump" nutrients from the inventory.

Attention! With the complete abandonment of carbohydrates possible ketoacids — an unpleasant phenomenon that appears due to remaining ketone bodies. If your condition worsen, you can eat some carbohydrates (sweet).

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Drying body for girls at home

Please note! Drying body for girls at home is not possible, if we keep enough muscle mass.

Rules during drying

  1. Eat moderately, follow a fractional power.
  2. rate of fluid a day — about two liters.
  3. In the evening, the consumption of cereals is prohibited.
  4. Count the calories eaten in a day and find out your rate, adjust the nutrient density of your diet if necessary.
  5. do Not eat 2 hours before and after school in the hall.

Food during drying of the body for women

If the different diets can miss something, here you need to keep absolutely all the points. We will not allow the menu by days for drying body for girls, and just list the prohibited products. The menu itself can be varied and consist of your favorite foods are allowed.

Completely forget about:

  • sweet (replaced by fruits and honey)
  • flour (alternative — 200 g of cereal),
  • animal and dairy fats.

Drying body for girls at home

the recommended diet when drying body for women:

  • buckwheat porridge,
  • lean meats,
  • rice,
  • beans
  • vegetables
  • low fat cheese
  • fruits
  • dairy products with low fat content.

Total drying lasts about five weeks. Plan some campaigns for weight loss is this:

  • the first seven days eat 2 grams of carbohydrates per 1 kg of its mass. Forbidden foods but in very small quantities. Greater emphasis on do fiber. Reduce the consumption of salt, spices and oil. The ratio of components of the menu: 50% — protein 20% — fat 30% — carbs
  • second week provides 1 gram of carbohydrates per 1 kg of weight. Salt is prohibited. The ratio of protein increased to 80%. Recommended dietary cottage cheese, fish and marine products, bran, etc.
  • the entire third week eat 0.5 g of carbohydrates per kilogram of mass. Suddenly appears bad breath, and the skin will start to smell like acetone, drink the juice with sugar. Rate of fluid reduce to 1.5 liters per day. Not sufficient vitamin complexes
  • fourth week such as the second or the third. Here you can choose your preferred diet
  • and the last seven days the same as the first.

Drying body for girls at home

After drying, do not return to the previous menu, as the fat will quickly return to place.

Exercises for lower body lower body

Exercise is determined based on problem areas. If you still rounded belly, take care of him, if the bulk of the thigh, exercise for this body part, and so on. Best set of exercises for all the muscle groups represented Orange diet.

Also useful are the following types of activities:

  • running,
  • Bicycle riding
  • strap,
  • swimming.

Attention! Drying Orange diet, breast feeding, diabetes, kidney disease, problems of the gastrointestinal tract and the liver.