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How to choose shoes for sports

Not every women's and men's shoes for sports and tourism suitable for different events. For certain activities you must choose the right shoes to feet will not feel uncomfortable and, thus, was not a premature fatigue of the body.

How to choose shoes for sports

the Items to run

most Often, athletes are looking for special shoes for running, because its quality affects the health of the feet. Some stores provide entire regiments with similar products. Makes no sense to buy running shoes only in the case of Jogging, but suddenly you are going to systematically do – it is a prerequisite.

How to choose shoes for sports

high-Quality running Shoe always have mesh, which prevents excessive feet perspiration and unpleasant odor. Pay attention to the size of the grid: if it is small, the product is intended for use on the street, if large enough in area such as the gym. In small cell misses street trash, and not to hit the water in the Shoe, mesh is only in the area of the sock.

Sole shoes tough with the sock must have a stripe of dense material to prevent injury in case of bumps.

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shoes for Men and women for sport and tourism

we Should distinguish between running and long walks. In the latter type of training reduces the intensity of the movements, the feet sweat less, but the duration of training increases. Take sneakers with soft sole, to not feel the blows never came on the heels cracks. However, too soft material is not good: it causes development of longitudinal flat.

How to choose shoes for sports

Shoes for fitness

If you are regularly engaged in, for example, dancing, shaping, aerobics, etc., choose shoes with top lacing, while other features can match the Shoe for running.

How to choose shoes for sports

Shoes for cyclists

there are no special requirements because the load on the foot and leg as a whole is minimal. Will fit most regular shoes, sneakers, etc. But for professional cyclists in the sale is a special shoes.

How to choose shoes for sports

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Womens and mens shoes for the gym

In the gym you don't need shock-absorbing properties of the Shoe, however, important factors such as the stability of the foot. Required lateral support to keep your body as stable as possible. Gauzes and other items can be neglected.

How to choose shoes for sports

tennis Shoes

the Athlete during the game of tennis is particularly important fixation. Choose jewelry with a flexible plastic sole that has air pads in the heel and the sock. There are special tennis sneakers.

How to choose shoes for sports

Cleats for soccer

When selecting products, focus on covering (synthetic or natural), the intensity of training, as well as budget. If you are a novice player, then buy the cheap brands. Before buying, rate the quality of the material in the area of contact of the Shoe with the ball, the rubber must be durable. Also look at the configuration of the spikes. If you play football in the gym, then it is appropriate use of boot with a low profile.

How to choose shoes for sports

Shoes skateboard

Here are suitable for almost all shoes with a thick sole that has shock absorbing properties. Recommend not to take shoes with Velcro as they do not possess the same qualities as the laces.

How to choose shoes for sports

Winter sports

the winter men's and women's shoes for sports include ice skates. A good product needs to have a reliable heel clamp and its support. In addition, make sure that the product has high heat-conducting properties.