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How to learn pull-up

Today we'll show you how to learn a pull-up if you do a “full zero” in this case. Recommendations are suitable for both girls and men.

How to learn pull-up


Before you perform pull-UPS you need to find out what options exercises and what muscles it involves. First, review the types of grip.

How to learn a pull-upHow to learn a pull-upHow to learn a pull-upHow to learn a pull-upHow to learn a pull-upHow to learn a pull-up

If you perform the close grip pullups or wide, try to touch the crossbar with his chest.

If tightened, reverse grip, then pull back the shoulders, and the blades are reduced together.

Pull-UPS are contraindicated people who have problems with joints and bones, stretching muscles and ligaments. Exercise is dangerous in scoliosis and other diseases of the spine, for example, protrusion of the hernia. Also at risk are people with low back pain. However, it should be noted that pull-UPS are beneficial to the spine, make it healthier and more resilient.

How to learn to catch up from scratch

the Concept of “from scratch” each interprets in his own way. Someone under a zero implies a minimum of 5 pull-UPS, and anyone failing to do them. If you belong to the second type of people, the first is to resort to negative variant of the exercise.

Using a chair, take on the bar this situation as if you are already caught up, that is, bend your arms at the elbow, keep the chin on the crossbar. The SAG in this position for thirty seconds, then slowly lower. Repeat this exercise ten times. Over time, try to catch up complete.

This technique will allow you to quickly learn to catch up on the bar as boyfriend and girlfriend at home.

If you are after some period, still at a loss to do at least 1-2 pull-UPS, then ask a friend to help you. Or use the eraser.

How to learn a pull-up

What prevents the exercise?

the Most common causes.

  • Excess weight. Excessive pounds can prevent to be tightened even physically prepared person, so it makes sense to first lose weight and then grasp a horizontal bar.
  • weakness of the muscles. How to prepare for the new loads, see below.
  • Improper technique. If not properly exercise, the muscles will grow unevenly, so there may be difficulties in the future.

Weak back muscles: what to do?

When the pull is not possible, should resort to another method of strengthening the back muscles with specific exercises.The most effective is presented below.

  1. Thrust vertical block to the chest.How to learn a pull-up
  2. Pull the vertical block behind your head.How to learn a pull-up
  3. Pull rod to the belt in the slope (it is important that the lumbar region was the deflection more ).How to learn a pull-up
  4. Pull the dumbbell to the belt in the slope (as in the previous exercise, lower back a little prohibita).How to learn a pull-up
  5. deadlifts.How to learn a pull-up
  6. Exercise “hyperextension”.How to learn a pull-up
  7. Exercise “boat”. Lying on stomach, lift legs and clasped hands, and make the jiggle.How to learn a pull-up

For one workout do only a few exercises by 10 times in 2-3 sets. Do not try to accomplish everything, especially if the body is not prepared.

Not only because of the poor back can't catch up...

Many have noticed that the reverse grip fails more times to catch up. And it's not back as some would think, but in the hands. For pull-UPS is also in muscle brachioradialis that most people have not developed. It is presented below.

How to learn a pull-up

in Order to train, regularly perform the following exercise.

How to learn a pull-up

Simulator to facilitate pull-UPS

At some gyms you can find an interesting simulator that helps to raise the body. He is represented in the attached video. It is worth noting the fact that some people are so used to it that I can't catch up independently even ten times. A good example is presented, again, in the video.

Correct technique of doing pull-UPS

  1. the First, most important rule . On the exhale, bend your arms, inhale and unbend.
  2. it is Forbidden to sway or use momentum.
  3. Always bring the exercise to the end, that is, hold your chin over the bar.
  4. do Not make sudden movements, go down and up smoothly.
  5. do Not twist the spine, hold the body vertically.
  6. the slower you perform the exercise, the better the muscles are worked out.