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TOP 10 most effective exercises for a flat stomach

Saggy belly — it is a normal age-related phenomenon. But if you do not wish to accept such changes, then tomorrow do the following exercises.

TOP 10 most effective exercises for a flat stomach

Effective exercises for stomach

Exercise # 1

starting position — lying down, hands behind head, legs straight. Objective: to perform a minimum of 10 sit-UPS, but not quite standard. Try to reach elbows to the floor, not the knees, as provided in the standard exercise for the stomach.

Please note that lifting should have twisted his body so the result will be noticeable faster.

Exercise # 2

Again take supine position, hands behind his head, and his legs abandoned on the sofa or any other furniture. Lift the upper body touching the elbows of the legs. This exercise is easier than the charging standard for the press, but the effect is the same.

Exercise # 3

Lie down on a gym Mat, bend legs in knees, body slightly lift the body, hands pull ahead or close behind the head. Bend and unbend the legs to the abdomen, while not touching the shoulder blades of the floor. Using a straightened hand balance. This is an effective exercise for belly instantly rid you of body fat, of course, if you engage in regularly.

TOP 10 most effective exercises for a flat stomach

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Exercise # 4

For the next charging will require a horizontal bar. In the hanging position (type of grip is not important) it is necessary to bend the legs to the stomach. It should be noted that with this exercise, you can lose not only in the abdomen and sides, but and arms, and back.

Effective exercises for stomach and sides

Exercise # 5

Starting position — lying down, straight legs together, hands along the body. Resting his hands on the floor, raise your legs, first to your left shoulder and then to the right. Try not to bend to much better effect.

Exercise # 6

Remember, as a gym teacher forced to do the bridge? Now wonder you were outraged, because it is a very effective exercise for stomach and sides, though not the easiest. One workout is enough to do exercise 5-7 times. Of course, gradually this number can be increased.

TOP 10 most effective exercises for a flat stomach

Exercise # 7

to Make a flat stomach will also help tilt. You need to stand, for example, on a stationary chair and, bending down, reaching out a hand as low as possible. It is important during exercise to strain the stomach.

Effective exercises for slimming the abdomen and back

Exercise # 8

Lie on your back, hands at his sides, legs straight. Simultaneously lift the upper body and legs, try to touch hands to toes.

TOP 10 most effective exercises for a flat stomach

Exercise # 9

the Following exercise for stomach and sides that deservedly be called one of the most effective, the following: lie on belly, lift straight arms and legs, do the first 10 rifts on my stomach, and then in a few minutes, repeat the exercise.

TOP 10 most effective exercises for a flat stomach

Exercise # 10

Accept the supine position. Lifting one leg perpendicular to the floor, lift the torso, arms, hold in front of him.

Important rules to home workouts

Just start to do exercises for a flat stomach, even the most effective, is a mistake that at best will result in slow weight loss, and at worst injuries. Before you start practicing at home be sure to review the following rules.

  1. No intense exercise without prior warm-up, since sprains and spasms not otherwise be avoided. Before “testing” it is important to warm up the muscles.
  2. it Is necessary to completely abandon the exercise if you are pregnant or have any contraindications.
  3. Also workout for abdomen is contraindicated, if carried out abdominal surgery in the abdominal area.
  4. Common mistake of “home” athletes to start exercise after a hearty meal. The food is normally digested, and you become ill, engage in a minimum of an hour after a meal.
  5. If you have any gynecological diseases, then pre-workout I advise you to go to the doctor for approval of your idea.
  6. Effective exercises for slimming the abdomen and thighs, presented above, can be performed through the day and every day. Harm to health will not. Advised to give preference to the morning class.
  7. If pain is felt in the muscles after yesterday's exercise, let the body to rest and recover for at least a day. The optimal frequency of training three times a week.
  8. If the end of the session you feel tired, then worked through the problem areas of poor quality. Muscles should feel a burning, only then will acquire the desired shape.
  9. Do enough approaches, and between them rest no more than three or four minutes.

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Best exercise for weight loss belly and sides: video

the result was not keep you waiting, be sure to revisit your diet. More about what should be the proper nutrition, you can read Separation of power — the essence of the recipes on the day. And before you watch the video with exercise slimming belly at home. Perhaps something will take note.