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Types of mats for bathroom

For anybody not a secret that carpets and rugs are closely woven into the interior apartments and houses. It is unlikely that you can imagine design home room, where there were not large carpet or a small rug . To a greater extent this applies to rooms, bathrooms, where they directly perform their important function.

Types of mats for bathroom

Previously, there was only one type of floor mats is rubber. They perfectly retain water, but not comfortable for wet feet when getting out of the shower. However, to date they have achieved more improvements that have changed their functionality and successfully produced.

for Example, produce non-slip mats high quality rubber, tight, with gel filling and flexible. They are placed like on the bathroom floor and the bottom of the bath and in showers. They also underwent various laboratory studies that have revealed that in the manufacture of products apply antibacterial components. Also special admixtures allow you to remove the sharp smell of rubber. These mats are easy to use, because both require timely cleaning and drying.

Types of rugs for the bathroom

in Other convenient and comfortable rugs for the bathroom are small in the form of floor mats. They are both artificial and natural fibers.

Quite expensive are the carpets made of natural fibers, such as wool, cotton or even silk. Bath are increasingly using carpets made from mixed material such as artificial fibers and natural wool. And all these materials have a number of advantages, and in combination they form a versatile piece of bathroom design. So, for example, synthetic rugs are easy to care for, they are dust repellent and moisture resistant properties. But thanks to the addition of wool, the rugs in the bathroom more warm and soft. They are a pleasure to put the feet after a shower or just to wash over the sink. While pure wool carpets for a long time to dry, much get dirty and can even cause allergies.

Types of rugs for the bathroom

the type of manufacture pile carpets for the bathroom, they are also divided into: long hair and short hair-cut, loop and split.

the Most rigid and stable in use are the floor mats with loop pile. Caring for these products is limited in the passage of the vacuum cleaner.

Cut the loops gave the appropriate name to the Mat. These mats are much softer and nicer to use. And with the ability to leave a long NAP, and you need – short cut, the opportunity carpet manufacturing companies to diversify their range of volumetric reliefs and drawings.

as for shades of the rugs in the bathroom, you should consider the basic rule: the brighter the design of the room, the quieter and softer have to be shades of flooring, including textile.

as for the care of carpets in the bathroom, regardless of what he's material (except rubber) and how long is it worth, in order to avoid unkempt appearance, breeding fungus and skin mites, you need to not only regularly to wash them, but also to give to the dry cleaners, where, under strong pressure pair your Mat will acquire the pristine purity and beauty.