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Vitamins Elevit pronatal: instructions for use

Elevit pronatal is a multivitamin designed to prepare the woman's body for pregnancy and nurturing a child. The special composition allows to reduce the risk of improper development of the fetus, which is especially important in the first days and months after conception. In addition, the drug is recommended during all three trimesters and also during breast feeding the child.

Vitamins Elevit pronatal: instructions for use

Indications for use

the Purpose of Elevit pronatal is the treatment and prevention of deficiency . In addition, vitamins can be prescribed and after giving birth.

Elevit for pregnant women, the use of which must be agreed with the doctor, contains in its composition of seven minerals and twelve vitamins. The composition is balanced in such a way as to prevent a deficiency of certain elements. Especially important reception Elevit pronatal in that case, if a woman for whatever reason can't eat balanced and complete.

That in the Elevit pronatal?

the Complex is designed based on the research of Swiss scientists, so the dosage of vitamins and minerals here are balanced in such a way that the body receives all the items in full.

Taking Elevit, you will receive the following useful elements:

Vitamins Elevit pronatal: usage instructions

All these components are necessary in order for the female body was ready to conceive and subsequent childbearing from the early days. Thus, reduces the risk of abnormalities in the development or gestation. Elevit, which contains all the required substances, doctors advise to drink during breast feeding.

does Elevit to get pregnant?

If you are planning a pregnancy, it is important to prepare the body for this important mission. For this purpose specialists recommend not only to eat a balanced, avoid stress and bad habits, but to drink Elevit pronatal. It acts in the following way:

  • normalizes the endocrine system, positively affects the nervous,
  • establishes Exercises for women at home,
  • optimizes the menstrual cycle,
  • improves the condition of the uterus.

All of this together gives much more chances of successful conception.

How does Elevit pronatal?

This drug is taken before conception, during pregnancy and after. In addition, it is recommended that Elevit for the reception and after birth, during lactation. How it affects a woman's body?

If you are planning a pregnancy, you should know that reception of this complex will allow the body to compensate for a deficiency of microelements and vitamins. This greatly increases the likelihood of conception and helps to ensure the normal development of the fetus from the first days of pregnancy.

Vitamins Elevit pronatal: usage instructions

In the first trimester, the drug is especially important because in this period is the formation of the neural tube of the fetus. Its proper development is the key to the health of the unborn child. In addition, ascorbic acid also reduces the likelihood of other defects, because the fetus receives all the necessary elements and minerals for their livelihoods.

In the second and third trimesters the drug provides the body expectant mothers with the necessary elements and minerals, because, in fact, he needs them back. Thus, it can prevent the onset of vitamin deficiency, anemia, problems with dental health.

After the birth, the mother's body also require some minerals and vitamins, to recover. Elevit helps to supply these needs, a positive effect on the health of mom and baby.

Elevit pronatal: instructions for use

the Dosage of the drug in any case remains unchanged. The recommended dose is one tablet per day, you need to drink plain water. Drink Elevit at least one month before the desired date of conception and then throughout pregnancy.

Vitamins Elevit pronatal: usage instructions

Guidelines for taking the drug:

  • take the pill after a meal, preferably at the same time
  • recommended course of treatment before the desired time of conception, 2-3 months
  • do not combine the drug with other Exercises for women at home, to avoid overdose,
  • morning sickness the drug is better to move at night.

the Dosage and also timing of the intake Elevit you need to discuss with your doctor. When some characteristics of an organism can differ from the scheme described in the instructions.


With caution Elevit should take those who have kidney disease and the liver and also suffer from urolithiasis. Contraindications are:

  • hypersensitivity to the components of the complex
  • hypervitaminosis of vitamins A and D
  • renal failure in severe form,
  • disturbed copper metabolism in the body
  • lactase deficiency and lactose intolerance.

In any case better to consult with your doctor about receiving.

Elevit pronatal: reviews of drug

the Drug now suggest all doctors-gynecologists, advise that expectant mothers regarding pregnancy planning.

Vitamins Elevit pronatal: usage instructions

on the Internet you can find a lot of positive reviews about these vitamins: like on the forums of young mothers, and special sites that allow users to publish their experience using a particular product. These are just some feedback.

Inna, 25 years

"Took Elevit pronatal since the first months of pregnancy on the advice of a doctor. Felt good the entire pregnancy went without any problems. The girl was born healthy, now quickly grow and develop! All moms recommend!"

Jan 29

"Pregnancy I had planned, so Elevit started drinking before conception. Then they took him, and during all trimesters. No side effects noticed, the child was born healthy and strong. Should take one pill a day – I did it in the evening, after dinner."

Karina, 31

"eleven began to take immediately, but only with the 2nd trimester – my doctor advised. The pregnancy went well, without complications. The baby is healthy, and I have the most problems with the hair and nail was observed. The doctor advised to drink Elevit also during breast-feeding."

ina, 26 years old

"About these vitamins heard from a friend, but then the attention they drew. When I got pregnant, Elevit I was advised by the gynecologist. No side effects they do not, the pregnancy went well, without complications. Would recommend!"

As you can see, reviews Elevit pronatal during pregnancy – 100% positive. The complex helps to develop normally the baby and his mother feel well in such an important period for it.